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Tereza Kačerová  And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

I started a children’s swimwear line!!! What should I call it?! 📷: @ohsomaika

He kept a lock of Luka’s hair in his wallet. ❤️
Update: if someone wants the text to translate email me and I’ll reply with it. Si quieres traducirlo envíame un e-mail.



Moje nejoblíbenější věc na světě. ❤️

We’re gonna make a series. Where else should we shoot?! @ohsomaika 📷: @jjustwebb

What is Luka thinking?

Omg look it’s another picture of a model holding fast food!! 😃

Which one of us do you think is the bad influence..? 😏


Alright Instagram, I’ll admit I’m reposting this again out of sole stubbornness. But I ‼️ HAVE ‼️ crossed every single thing that could offend ANY of the poor cyber-bullies it’s targeting. Do I think it’s odd to leave thousands of hate comments on my page, fake accounts of me and accounts made to slander me - but repeatedly delete me defending myself? Maybe. Do I think you arbitrarily choosing what the world will and will not read is an infringement on freedom of speech and this sort of pre-approving of opinions so that the masses are stirred where you want them to be could be compared to modern-day slavery? Maybe. Do I think cyber-bullying can EVER stop if you take down posts where cyber-bullies are called out, therefore sending a message that they can anonymously terrorize without backlash? No, I don’t. But I get it. It’s your app. And because I need to do this nonsense for work, I have to respect the rules. So I am. I’m disappointed that such a platform like you doesn’t try to move the world forward, but rather keeps it back. But ok. 👍🏽

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