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  terefrijoles | nothing but beans

reykjavík roasters ft strangers- nothing feels more right than coffee + knitting on a kind sunday mawnin’

all you can do for people is give, support, and create a space for them to be themselves. V grateful for Morgan for letting me drag her to all the coffee cafes in Reykjavik ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ilysm 🖤

take good care of each other

take good care of yourself

cortados + conversations

favourite alley in chicago 😍

this month i’ve been starting my mornings by writing 3 things i’m grateful for and it’s been making all the difference. the best time to tell someone you miss or love them is right now.

every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith so don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm

los angeles. not to be dramatic or anything but the house made hazelnut milk chai here was un fucking real!!

new city new intelligentsia same iced oat milk matcha latte order #🤤

this stranger looked so content w his coffee + his outfit was way fire that i had to take this pic and airdrop it to him

brunch glow up

morning stumbles on a foggy commute in #blacklivesmatter

8am driftin’ this morning at blue bottle fidi

out of touch with reality on K st

morning walks with bae

instant gram

mi amor mi cortado te quiero mucho so much

five year work anniversary turn up
at drake’s dealership, a converted dodge repair shop > beer garden circa may 2017. solid place for patio beers all year round 🤘🏽

catch me living outta this coffee shop every time i visit chicago

try the military latte with macadamia nut milk. it’s a good combo of matcha and espresso when you can’t decide between the two 🌰🍵

colder weather = warmer drinks
been wanting to try bow truss for over a year now and their v60 hand brewed coffee did not disappoint ugh

jay’s matcha latte 🍵 he’s moving to Chicago for potentially forever so you’ll probably find me making chi town my new home too?? tbd

rip my wallet i’m pretty sure i was -4 months old the last time i spent money since i started drinking coffee, especially @bluebottle’s canned cold brew.
mornin’ sun vs rainy evenings, inside + out of the FiDi blue bottle (1 of 2 fave locations).

france looks good on you, coffee.
you can choose any one of their sourced beans to have on french press!!

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