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Teren Mabry  just a girl who probably should have went to college terenmabry@gmail.com

Remember that night you almost died? When we kissed for the second time, and this time it wasn't a secret. And we got interrupted, and you got on that bike and told me I could ride next. So I sat on that curb we were kissing on moments before, and I watched you speed around the block a little too fast and never come back.
Months go by and I see you again. I compliment your scar across the right half of your beautiful head. And you tell me that we could never share another kiss, because I'm obviously bad luck. And maybe you're right.
It's been 3 and a half years, and I still think about that night every time I kiss someone new. It can be hard to focus on a kiss while you're simultaneously praying to God that they make it home alive.
My mom hasn't received a kiss from me in years now, and I don't think she ever will again. It's not that I'm a superstitious person, but I'd much rather be safe than sorry.

your fingers are burning on my skin,
but my touch is doing nothing.

Thanks to everyone who helped in my model search yesterday. I received an overwhelming amount of responses so sorry if I didn't reply to yours yet! I'll be looking for fresh faces again soon so keep your eyes peeled. 🌞

Hey y'all! So I'm trying to dive back into photography, and I'm in search of some LA based bodies. I have a a couple very specific concepts that I want to try out.
So tag anyone in LA you think I could make some magic with! (Tag yourself if you're willing, too!) If you want to know more about what I have in mind, shoot me a message. My DMs are always open! πŸ™ƒ

you flower, you feast


I remember it like it was just a week ago



too much of a good thing
won't be good for long

I have such a hate/love relationship with this city.

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