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Terence  Traveling | Producer πŸ“ Portland

Hey Portland

I'm back and it feels so good to be home.
I'm here to encourage and enable your true self.

To the creators in this town.. Be braver, be bolder, be yourself and ignore the "Cool" in this town. They are poisoning and creating a Portland standard that is so sick, boring, and normal as fuck. Let's celebrate any idea and see what we can create.

We've got it so good here. Food everywhere, clean air, clean streets, and drinkable tap water. We have rules that people follow and make sense. We are pretty much free to live any life we want to live.
Privilege here is questioned, acknowledged and matched by communities that are free to speak their minds and create their voice. It's all so damn beautiful and good.

Thanks for the photo @damien.gilley

FORM | 2018
A glimpse of my time at Form.
I left my phone in my tent as I found that everything I needed had been provided. I was carried by gusts of wind from stage to stage, held a meteor in my hands, and made some new friends.

@iamkelseylu @form

This is Garth at @form. You can find this micro influencer creating bubbles and repping his favorite kombucha @healthade
#microinfluencer #mykombuchalife #cubeless #form #arcosanti

Hours before I got on a plane to SE Asia I thought about abandoning my dream. I was sick to my stomach as thoughts of failure filled my head.
Who would I become over the next few months and was I prepared for this change in my life.
I had bills piling up and empty stomach from a year of working part time at a school getting paid close to nothing all so I could have a little free time to pursue producing projects with friends and family on the side.

Half the time they wouldn’t even ask for my help and I’d somehow be squeezing my way in the door.. The year started when I met for coffee with @wereabby so we could talk about an idea of hers. Soon a short film was completed!
Then I started setting up for some art shows and making myself available for whatever craziness I’d get asked to help with.

By this point I was clearing my schedule and skipping my real job so I could help out where ever I was needed.
Set up an amazing art show? Hang around a production team all day?

I realized I had surrounded myself around faces that made me feel loved, that would foster this growth in me. I can be pretty quiet and shy, but in my heart they felt like family and gave me the courage to keep going.

Here I am hours away from getting on a plane to head home. I feel I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful for this chance to see a bit more of this world and a bit more of what makes me happy.

Captured by @dont_forget_the_milk
Inspired by @teejdiscoversgames @wereabby @aaron.c.rayburn @dont_forget_the_milk @shadiest_grove @annalucillekills @alexgittleson @laurenterp @ethan.tsuga @libland @elysse176 @ash__prime @klsyjean @jillianrabe @nicetouchco @putriadwina @iamjoal @jasondereknorth and so many more.

Remember when you would stay up all night, laughing and playing hide and seek with your friends? Before all the stress and worry of being an adult set in? Just out there living your best life.

I remember my summers in Oregon, watching my friends smoke cigarettes for the first time and throwing rocks on the freeway. Never thinking about consequencesπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ. I remember my first crush and my first kiss. Coming home way too late but remembering how I would promise myself that I’d never forget those moments.

Happy Flipping birthday @aaron.c.rayburn πŸŽ‚ |

Traveling near the speed of light with you has been an absolute blast! Standing in the most hostile nebula with your support has helped me grow faster than the universe expands. I wish you an absolute supernova of a birthday in every time zone. Know one knows as much as I do how much you deserve it! #hbd ❀️

I’ve had my head in the wrong place for awhile. Last night I had a dream and woke up counting my blessings.
Damn it feels good to be alive and truly living my best life. Being on more hard times! Bring on the struggle! I will over come.

Snapped by @aaron.c.rayburn
#lights #space #smile #overcome #persistence #wormhole #trusttheprocess #forward #jakarta #travelholic #happytravels

Just a tad of color can make all the difference.
This one has been massively supportive! @putriadwina you are going to be greatly missed!

Thanks for holding the light up!

Plotting from the top of the world. Look out...
Brush yo teeth...
And be πŸ‘πŸ½ ready πŸ‘πŸ½ @aaron.c.rayburn

As one can see, being exposed to K-pop has effected some of my gang signs.
Cross that pointer finger and thumb and send some hearts my way. ❀️❀️❀️❀️ @twicetagram
#twice #kpop #hearts #imut #cuteshit #happytravels #justinbieber #πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This one goes out to all this security guards who let me go where ever I want, never ask me why I’m trespassing, and gladly pose for photos. πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ #happytravels

I got to stay in a fabulous Airbnb while staying in Singapore!! Ahhh 😩😩 I wanna take it home with me!! #happytravels #singaporetravels #happysingapore

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