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TERANN  Techpreneur. Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Doer. Believer. • Founder @alphalawgics #justaskal • I make bikinis, too @vengeancebikinis #vengeancebikinis

Working on some new 👙 designs @vengeancebikinis

Wanted the iron throne but I suppose I’ll settle for this iron gate

Stay in your [swim] lane, bro

It’s my biiiiiirrrrrthday 🖤



Breggy bombs 💣 @runninggamehtx


Alexa, play Old Town Road 🐴

Like it’s 1999

‪Orange you glad we swept the Mariners? 🍊 @runninggamehtx

On this day in 1970, Apollo 13 astronauts were forced to abort what was intended to be NASA’s third lunar-landing mission, reporting home to mission control with those famous words: “Houston, we’ve had a problem”

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