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  the revolution of technology starts here.

So excited for this rumored beta with theater mode to come out on January 10!!!

Leia 3D is a startup trying to create the first mobile holographic cellular phone screen. The company says that we should be expecting its appearance to come out late 2017.

"The people who amaze us, capivate us and give us hope.... Those are the people who we will miss the most"

Carrie Fischer

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting... more coming up for teq Tuesday soon!!!!

My most favorite product throughout this year of tech is the Snapchat spectacles. What's yours?

Effortlessly simple, but magically incredible.

Watch google's new "year in search" video--- link in my bio

This is a sick game!!! What other game apps should I download? I'm so bored...

So excited for this!!!! Creds to: waymo.com 🚙🚫🕹

The macintosh revolutionized the computer, and now Microsoft does the same with the surface studio. A revolutionary desktop that's built for designers, architects and artists. With a multi touch screen, the desktop turns itself into a 28 inch tablet. It truly will revolutionize computers in the long run.


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