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Amanda Patten-Ten’sTrueNorth  📍South Florida-PHOTOGRAPHER & MODEL: The photographs seen here, including the ones of me, were taken by me. 📷 Bookings: TrueNorthTakes@gmail.com

Front Row View Of The Snow ❄️❄️
One of my first self portraits from when I lived in Inverness, Illinois. I needed every single flood light on to get the shot and the darn motion sensors were packed with snow so they weren’t working correctly. I had to flip the switch, which was downstairs in the kitchen, on and off a dozen times to override it for roughly 60 seconds and then run up a landing, then a flight of stairs, go into my bedroom, climb out the window onto the deck, pull the rain poncho off of the camera on the tripod, pose and shoot before the lights turned off again. I did this several times. A self portrait photography workout!
I miss those snowfall moments, but I do NOT miss the days following that consisted of grey, dirty slush and salt.
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Alone Time-Solitude-Me-Just Me-Creativity-Open Mind-Listen-Enlightenment-Remember-You Are Loved
#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera #doubleduty #awalktoremember #youareloved #alwaysrememberyouareloved #sweetseductivesolitude #wanderlust #floridagirl with her #canon5dmarkiii 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

Definitely Plenty To Be Thankful For This On This Glorious Day
#happythanksgivingday #sunrisecrew #pbjclan #goodmorningbocaraton #wanderlust #floridagirl with her #canon5dmarkiii & @slavetothewave with the #mavicpro2 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

Coops Shootin’ Hoops 🏀 &
Rainbows 🌈 ... with SURF on the brain

@coastalobsession SURF Hat
#shootinhoops #shootinhoopsandrainbows #sunshower #sunshowersbringrainbows #wanderlust #floridagirl with her #canon5dmarkiii 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

Hues Of Autumn In Florida Green
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#autumninflorida #huesofautumn #selfportraiture #selfportraitphotography #wanderlust #floridagirl with her #canon5dmarkiii 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

Prisoner Of War No. 1568
Never Forget
Honor Our Veterans🇺🇸 Colonel Charles R. Patten, Sr. US Army Air Core 1936-1950
Stalag Luft III POW Camp
POW for Two and a Half Years

Photo # 1 is a letter that my grandmother sent to my grandfather while he was in the Stalag Luft III POW Camp. It is typed as requested on Prisoner of War Post (Stationary). It was stamped “returned to sender". Can you imagine getting a letter like that returned?!
The Nazis were moving the POWs constantly towards the end of the war and the Red Cross had no idea where they were so the families were "lost" as to where their loved ones had been taken or if they were alive.
My Grandfather’s Veteran Story:
In June 1943, then Captain Charles R. Patten, Sr. had been notified he was to be promoted to Major, but it had not yet come through at the time of his last flight with the USAAC (US Air Force was the US Army Air Core) 423rd Bomber Squadron/306th Bomb Group. The promotion meant he would take a ground job and would not be flying anymore. He substituted for another airman for this flight to accumulate enough missions to be sent home.
On June 13, 1943 his plane, SKYWOLF, was shot down near Bremen. He parachuted and survived only to be taken prisoner by the Nazis. The Nazis wanted to know what a captain was doing as a waist gunner (the position for which he substituted himself)
They kept him for 16 weeks asking questions. During those 16 weeks The War Department listed him as MIA because the Nazi's did not put him into a POW camp nor did they notify the Red Cross until after the interrogation.
To my father’s surprise, my grandfather chose to open up to me about what he experienced during those two and a half years. It was a conversation sparked by my unique choice of wardrobe in the 80’s; combat boots and a short flowered skirt. He told me about how the top laces of his boots ripped open due to the force of his parachute deploying. My running cross country lead him to tell me about how he stayed alive in Stalag Luft III. He ran everyday and that (and his wife & son back home) gave him the will to live. This is just one veteran’s story out of how many?
Never Forget.

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