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Amanda Patten-Ten’sTrueNorth  📍South Florida-PHOTOGRAPHER & MODEL: ALL photographs seen here, including the ones of me, were taken by me. 📷 Bookings: TrueNorthTakes@gmail.com

Hug - Mother & Son ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
{ Bracelet Stack by @leatherrockbands Love Song Stack-Rock Group of Rose Quartz, Howlite & Red Sea Jasper }
#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth
#goodbyehug #motherandson #braceletstacks #lovestone #rosequartz #redjasper #howlite #stones

The Magnificence Of Trees
I am 💔 heartsick to see all of the beautiful trees that are being chopped down along the canals here in Boca Raton. The Lake Worth Drainage District is claiming that this is absolutely necessary for hurricane preparation. Originally it was going to be a clearing and trimming. Nope. Huge HUGE trees are being chopped down. These trees would NEVER interfere with any emergency situation such as a hurricane. The vine trees and overgrowth, yes...that could cause problems. Rather than take the time to choose what needs to be taken down, they are flat out leveling the 8+ feet on both sides of the canal. It was a mess in areas and did need to be cleaned up, but why didn’t the LWDD maintain it? They let it get all cluttered and overgrown and that doesn’t give them a right to make their job easy and just level EVERYTHING.
I am in shock that this is happening. Every time I drive by the spot where one of my favorite trees used to be (not the one pictured), I cry. May seem silly to some, but I really do love trees. I have called the acting Mayor and he is on the side of those who want the trees to stay. Then stop it!
#saveourtrees #respectnature #bocaratontrees

Ready For Those Days That End With ☀️Sun-Kissed💋Skin To Come Back!
I L💚VE the GR💚💚N that the R☔️IN brings....but I’m ready.
#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth
#sunkissedskin #rainraingoaway

Solitude With The Sea 🌊
#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

Strollin’ With The Sunset
#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth 👙: @mora_girls #handmadewithlove

Summertime Splash
#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

the quality or state of being tranquil; calm.

#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

Yet The Deepest Truths
Are Best Read Between The Lines,
And, For The Most Part,
Refuse To Be Written
-Amos Bronson Alcott
#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

My Little Patriot 🇺🇸 in 2007 ... A Salute to Our Flag on this Memorial Day in Honor of the Truest Patriots; The Brave Men and Women of Our Nation’s Military who Sacrificially Rest In Peace so that WE CAN LIVE IN PEACE.
#americanflag #memorialday #sacrifice #memorial #military #unitedstates #patriot #remember #respect #honor #freedom 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth 🇺🇸: @coopercj07

I am so grateful for the kind comments and reach outs about my Nine Year Journey to the Here & Now. Thank y’all so much! It is always fun to celebrate “the day”, but I truly try to celebrate every day as a gift.
Show your love; don’t just say the words.
Be there; don’t just say that you are.
Smile first; you will make someone’s day...including your own.
Look for the good; in you and in others...it’s in there.
#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

Nine years ago today was Day One for me. Day One of LIVING my life instead of enduring it. Day One of letting go so I could be free. Day One of being present; no longer anesthetized by alcohol. Day One of thinking clearly because I finally could-Thanks to my angel aka Dr. Shur. Day One of replenishing my Spiritual flame that had withered to a dim flicker. Day One of listening to my Sixth Sense; my Intuition. Day One of Living My Truth.
Veritas Inlustrat “Truth Enlightens”

Nine years ago I started walking towards my today. I didn’t think about where I would be in nine years; I just kept walking towards my True North.
A year and a half ago, I crossed paths with my soul mate. My Intuition lead me to him and then guided me with trustworthy ease all the way to Florida where our life together proves meant to be.
My Day One was Nine years ago today and I get to Be-Here-Now and for that I am and will be eternally grateful.
#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

#selfportrait #behindandinfrontofthecamera 📷: Amanda Patten @tens_truenorth

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