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Steve Tenebrini  Freelance Graphic Art & Illustration // Founder @squad19mpls // Dad • Moto Rider • Music Lover • Screenprinter • Skater • Weirdo //


Flight music. // #aphextwin

I'm responsible. Lol! // #delta #safteyfirst

Old Papa seen here at age 94 in 2012 throwing the "W" gang sign. "Would still kick your ass." // #throwback

Eugene does not care for Taco Bell. // This is Gramps (aka Old Papa), the elder of the Tenebrini tribe. This summer Sherry and I sat and chatted with him for a few hours on a sunny June afternoon. Living in Texas, I figured he'd know a thing or two about good tacos. This is what he had to say. // I'm flying to Texas tomorrow to wish him well on the next phase of his journey as he shuffles off this mortal coil. 🙏🏻❤🌮

23rd floor conference room.
G: Your face tastes gross.

M: Nobody told you to lick it, freak.

Had to drop some papers at my divorce attorney's office and had G along from another trip to the clinic about his ear infection. He's so in love with the furniture he's requested invites to all future meetings. We all had a pretty good laugh about that prospect.

P is currently addicted to something called "The Dolan Twins" and there is no known cure. // #thedolantwins

Happy Birthday Papa! #buca #ifeellikeimgoingtoexplode

Papa turned 74 today. #buca

Sundays are for sprinkles. #glamdoll #donuts #eatstreet #minneapolis

Here Griffin and I model gray hoodies in a walk-in-clinic as he once again has an ear infection due to continued exposure to #secondhandsmoke during mom time. She thinks it's because of our dogs. // 📷 sherry // #petsthatkill

Bonnie and Clyde, so stoked on the weather.