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Chris Bahry  🔺Founder, artist, and director at Tendril.


Attractor - 5 - ▪️
The equation -
x = sin (a*y) - z * cos(b*x)
y = z * sin(c*x) - cos(d*y)
z = sin (x)

Attractor - 4 - ▪️
Searching for attractors in the parameters of their equations feels like tuning into lost radio signals against a background of frequencies.

Attractor - 3 - 🔻
More findings in the Clifford-Pickover attractor. Strange Attractors visualize the patterns of change through time in chaotic systems. Intricate structures emerge and dissipate into clouds of probability.

Attractor - 2 - 🔹
Biological systems, financial markets, atmospheric flows, galaxies, coffee ... tend toward patterns and cycles at large scales and unpredictability at smaller ones. The equations of Strange Attractors are distilled mathematical models of these systems. Potraits of ordered chaos.

Attractor - 1 - 🔸
A few million iterations of the Clifford-Pickover attractor. Thx to sensei @rafarafarafarafael for helping me with VEX and the mighty brains of @therealentagma for the inspiration and endless generous sharing of their knowledge.

The More Farm, Winter 1609 — 🔻🔹▪️〰🖤

—on the black midnight wind

Of deep-toned bells—

—Year after year I heard that faint, far ringing

Dull, furtive windows in old tottering brick And thinking what they sheltered, I grew sick.

The More Farm, Winter 1609 —

—The Thing… wears a silken mask, whose folds appear to hide
A face not of this earth

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