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TEMPEST🌈  Hi! I’m Vic (・ᴗ・) | ♀, GTA🇨🇦 16 year old shapeshifter... I mean cosplayer! ✂️✨Next Projects: Bakugou, Kirishima, Reg Cosplayer since August 2017

“Punch first, ask questions while punching!” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Woohoo! I finally got around to redoing my VI makeup☺️ I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think below!~🌈✨ If you guys wanna see my old VI, feel free to scroll all the way to the bottom of my page and you can laugh at me a little😂
ALSO! These awesome contact lenses I’m wearing are “Mystery Purple,” sponsored by @ttd_eye!! They’re super comfy, soft, and their colour is SO visible and gorgeous in all lighting!! Easily a 10/10 pair of lenses and my new favourites😭 It was my first time doing makeup like this and I was nervous about how wacky it looked until I put the contacts on😍 They really completed the look!! I would 100% recommend these contacts for bold cosplay makeup💖 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If you guys would like to buy some lenses for yourself, feel free to use my code “Tempest” for 10% off at @ttd_eye ☺️ They have some contacts with super unique patterns and colours (like these ones) that are original to their store, which is totally awesome😄💕

“It’s better to team up with people you get along with!”💗
Happy Friday everyone!!😊 I was so so excited to shoot my Uravity cosplay with @adorables 😱 He was so professional, kind, and encouraging the entire shoot, and I’m so in love with the pictures he took😭💞 I really hope we meet again some day, Evan!!✨ Thank you!~

Posing for pictures!💖 Here’s a couple hall shots of my full Uravity (Uraraka Ochaco) cosplay!✨ Eek I’m wearing my backpack, but luckily it matches my cosplay☺️! I’ll be getting most of my Uravity pictures in the next week or two, but I couldn’t resist posting a preview😋
Suit pattern by @brandonogilberto
📷: @jowophoto

“Human relationships are chemical reactions. If you have a reaction, then you can never return back to your previous state of being.“ - Kaneki Ken
Being able to cosplay characters who are best friends with a best friend of mine meant the world to me. I love @scarlixcosplay with all my heart and when I met her last September, I would’ve NEVER believed it if someone told me we would cosplay together, let alone be such close friends💗 Thank you so much for always having my back, and for being the Juuzou to my Haise, both in and out of cosplay!😚✨
It was also an incredible pleasure to work with the amazing @dream_land_photography89☺️ He’s really a photography wizard!!! And a special thanks to @confirmedsavage for looking after Sara and I the entire convention💪🏼
💇🏻‍♀️Base wig is a Magnum Classic in pure white from @ardawigscanada, cut, styled, and dyed by me!
👁Contact lenses are from @ohmykitty4u

SO excited to share my progress on my Bakugou hand grenades😁 The base is now completely finished, I just need to sand rectangle pieces that I’ll glue all the way around the grenades!💗 After that is a few layers of PlastiDip, then painting time! I’ll be wearing full hero Bakugou to FanExpo Toronto this Summer, but I couldn’t resist starting these now😋 Let me know what you think below!~ (my neighbours watched me take this LOL)
EDIT: for everyone asking, the pattern is from @lorentz_iwood’s etsy!😄

Just a cellphone photo of me laughing at something while I was wearing my Imp Mercy cosplay at Toronto FanExpo, 2017😂💞💖 This is the very first cosplay I made by myself and I can’t wait to bring it back and revamp it eventually! I still can’t believe this photo was taken less than a year ago😱

I don’t even know where to begin, but thank you so much to every single one of you for motivating me to be the best cosplayer I can be!💗✨ I’m thankful that you guys are open to all of my crazy projects, (no matter how weird my cosplays get sometimes LOL) and that you guys always cheer me on no matter what😭💖 You guys are like one huge family to me, and I’m SO excited to meet many more of you in the coming years as we grow & improve together! 5K BABY!!!😎
📷: @istofuuuu is an absolutely amazing photographer, thank you for being so fun to work with😜 So sorry for cropping your logo, the whole picture wouldn’t fit! x) -
Original design by @gladzykei & @beckanoel
Original weapon design by @zachfischerart
Cape by @daynathesloth

If you were a pokémon gym leader, what type would your gym be?🤔 Mine would be ghost and dragon!😎💞

original design by @gladzykei and @beckanoel
weapon design by @zachfischerart 📷: @lafeetz.photography 💇🏻‍♀️: @ardawigscanada

Our full eevee squad! This group was compiled of some of the most awesomely badass women I’ve ever met omg❤️ Thank you to all of the awesome family and friends that were our handlers for the weekend, and to all of the eevee family for looking out for one another💗
also, @nigelmurrayphotography was SO fun to work with, 10/10 would recommend😜 -
Umbreon - @cloud_berry_
Glaceon - @tempestcosplay
Flareon - @farawaycosplay
Jolteon - @litski.cosplay
Eevee - @seconddegreebyrne
Vaporeon - @quirkyowlcosplay
Leafeon - @saffron.flame
Sylveon - @empty_deity
Espeon - @daynathesloth -
original design by @beckanoel and @gladzykei
weapon design by @zachfischerart

Here’s a first look at my completed Valkyrie Glaceon cosplay!❄️
Toronto Comicon was honestly such an amazing experience, thank you so much to everyone who I got to meet for making me feel incredibly proud of a cosplay I worked so hard on (it was my first full armour build!) It feels so surreal to receive so much love and support from everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart💙 And big shout out to @lafeetz.photography for capturing this cosplay with his sick photography skills!
Also, a HUGE thank you to all of the other beautiful and talented eevees in this amazing group (I’ll be posting group shots soon😄) for including me in such an awesome project, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!💗💖
original design by @beckanoel and @gladzykei
weapon design by @zachfischerart
beautiful cape made by @daynathesloth

“I could never resist an invitation to dance.”

I spray painted all of my completed pieces for Glaceon white today!✨I ran out of spray paint so this will have to do lol! This is just the base coat so that’s alright, I’ll be completely painting over everything with blue and silver acrylic paint when i have time💙 (Edit: That’s not blue paint on my house, it’s just the filter😂)
Original design by @beckanoel & @gladzykei

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