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Thank You All For Your Love. God bless you. 😘😘😘😘

Blessed. Thankful.😍😍😘😘

Happy Birthday To Moi.

Shout out to all Librans. 😘😘😘

Love this one by may a angelou.

Happy International Women's Day.

Happy international women's Day to all women. We rule. We rock . We slay.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Let's remember to spread the Love. πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

I saw this on instagram yesterday and I wept.I wonder why good people suffer. Barr Itua as I call him is a good man. I remember back in 2006 I almost missed my nysc and was being oppressed. But this man stood for me,ive been in that school and never met him till I went to collect my call up letter and it was seized by another lecturer claiming I didn't dress well. Cutting my story short, Barr Itua interceded and he was like an angel sent by God from heaven. I was able to get into camp on the last day. God used him to help me. He could have turned a blind eye to my situation.And I asked him why he helped me and I made it clear that I couldn't pay in cash or kind oh!!, he laughed and said "cool down I helped cos I was there and saw everything that happened. I'm not asking anything in return please" There are still good men and this man is one of them. He needs our help, he's first a human, a father, husband, lecturer. Let's help him win this battle. #helpbarritualive#icare. @governorobaseki, this is your staff. and all good citizens of Edo State. This our own.

Make gals and Alice in wonderland

Boat ride scary but fun afterall

Central Park New York.

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