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▪☆ temmie with a hat | 14 ☆▪  AR :🔒 AT : 🔒 CLB ANI : 🔒3/3 - 👉Indonesian | Grd 9👈 🎉 December, 11th 🎉 - 1k 👉 2k tems! Next Con : ???


Have some Color Palette Mario 🔥🔥
(Palette credit to Owner)
You can Repost this <3
#supermario #mario #fanart #nintendofanart #nintendo
(Excuse the bad quality)

PlZ hElp. HOw dO yOu hOld tHe Joy-CoNs, pffft-
And yes, i drew the joy-cons in the wrong way :'v
I rushed on this one tbh.
You can repost this <3
#supermario #mario #princesspeach #nintendofanart #nintendoswitch #fanart #princesstoadstool

(Part 2)
~Another Redraw thingy~
1st, 3rd, 5th are from 2010-2011
2nd, 4th, 6th are present.
#redraw #princesspeach #princessrosalina #princessdaisy #rosalina #pauline

(Part 1)
~Another Redraw thingy~
1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th drawings are from 2010-2011
2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th drawings are present.
#redraw #princesspeach #princessdaisy #princessrosalina #rosalina #pauline

So i just let everyone who joined my artcon wins. Because, we have only like under 7 entries.
Not so many tho :'(
So here we are!
1st :
@cfaaborgboysen !!
"Just look at that masterpiece. I REALLY LOVE that kind of masterpiece! The Colors, the characthers, even the background! The crossover just...❤👌 Thank you!"
@sakura_anpan_ !!
"Look all of my bbys♡ they're there! (Besides flo bcus i forgot about her). They're look really cute!! I love when someone drew all of my oc's in one pic! Thank you!♡☆"
2nd :
@caramonili !!
"I LOVE her human ver. of temsky! She looks beautiful♡
But one thing (before you commenting "why am i on the 2nd place :'(" its just, it has to be more colorful and put a background and stuffs. And Thank you!"
@itsmiadabirb_8305 !!
"Wow. Just wow! The details ❤👌 her hair looks natural and those shadings too! And i like the crossover you made too! Thank you!"
@dikay.lila !!
"Aww look at them! Both looks so adorable! I really like your art style! And the emotion too! Like Temsky's face! She looks so CUTE hhhh- Thank you!"
Note : sorry that i put ur username "_" besides "." bcus i didn't see that-
3rd :
@dyndaloveartz_05 !!
"*inhales* I LIkE tHE CROSsOVEr YOu MaDe. This is actually really good!! I like how you make them! Its just perfect! ❤👌 Thank you!"
@navy_arty !!
"Ok. I know what r you going to say "tUH kaN AKu JUarA 3 :'(" so *ehem* i like you drew Sky as Rosalina. But why you didn't finish the unfinished one, like you drew all of my oc's in that crossover... i'd like that... but anyway, She looks stunning on that dress ❤👌 but if you put more background on her, it will be wonderful! Thank you!"
Thats all!
I think i'll make the 2nd art raffle soon. So i hope everyone joins :')
Thank you so much who joined this art contest! It means alot to me!
For prizes, DM me!
(PLz don't delete ur entries, cuz i want to save them :'))

(Another) Another one of theseeeeé

Redraw ♡☆
1st photo : 2018
2nd photo : 2012
3rd photo : 2018
4th photo : 2012

"A Long Journey's End"
I haven't played the game. (because i don't have the Switch)
But i already watch the gameplay ☆
#supermario #supermarioodyssey #nintendo #nintendofanart #fanart #nintendoswitch #cappy #supermarioodysseycappy #mario

Another one of these!
I love to make these kind of poses :')

WIP Animation meme.
"Together meme"

OC & Persona x Crossover (Super Mario)
All of my OCs and Persona became one of them!
Me (persona) as Mario.
Skyie Star as Luigi.
Sugary Cate as Princess Peach.
Claire Créme as Toad.
Mary Suzie as Yoshi.
Temmie Sky as Wario.
Flower Créme as Waluigi.
Chloe as Bowser.

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