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Spring, is that you?

Snow storm outside / Cacti inside

🌸Springy AF. 😭

Another tea post because I'm sick and I have to keep my fluid intake high.
This #bloomingtea just blew my mind! I've never had it before. It comes as a small ball of dry leaves and jasmine flowers and you're supposed to infuse it in 1L of hot water.
As the tea infuses it blooms and resembles an amazing underwater plant. It made my day!
You can see a bit of the flowers floating in my mason jar.

Anyone else demolishes their croissants before eating them? #darlingweekend
Featured: my favourite black tea from Mariage Frères, Atonement by Ian McEwan and lovely Japanese ceramic mug with blue dragonflies all over.

••• Spring in Paris •••
Peonies, roses, ranunculus and more on the blog!

Have a color-filled Sunday!

Overcast day in Cabbagetown.

Looking up at foggy skies swallowing the skyscrapers. King and Bay.

Snowy walk in the Distillery District.
I love the contrast between the brick walls and the flurries.
Dreading the commute tomorrow but hey, at least it's pretty 😬

••• Tokyo street scenes •••
A few shots of rainy Tokyo #ontheblog

••• #latergram from #tokyo •••
When travelling the hubster and I like to spend a day apart, doing things on our own, things that the other person might not necessarily be into.
Usually that's me going shopping or on long "photography walks". While in Tokyo I spent a couple of hours walking around Cat Street, taking photos of basically every street corner. This is an alleyway nearby and I love how green it all is.

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