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I can still smell this field. Ah, summer, could you stay forever?

Only $2 for 4 ginormous heirloom tomatoes.
#eatyourgreens #priime_sunbeam

Negative space

Had to wait for about 10 min for a group of school girls to take ALL THE SELFIES in this alleyway. Can't blame them though, this is such a great backdrop! #priime_snow

Solo brunch.

Sticky goldenberries in afternoon light.
The hubster and I went through this whole bowl in roughly 10 minutes.

Doesn't this look postapocalyptic?
#priime_bushwick #WHPgetaway

Can't tell you how many fashion bloggers I've seen taking pictures against that wall 😄

Every year I take the streetcar to Forest Hill to take pictures of this beauty.

Spring, is that you?

Snow storm outside / Cacti inside

🌸Springy AF. 😭

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