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Kidsroom Design - Tellkiddo  Since 2014, Sweden β–Ώβ–Ώβ–Ώβ–Ώβ–Ώβ–Ώβ–Ώβ–Ώβ–Ώβ–Ώβ–Ώ Founded by @tell.mariasabbah ✐

Yes I cleaned before I took this picture. Normally when I work I have piles of stuff around me. (That includes the kids, if you look closely you can see me and Sam's reflection in the window πŸ‘‹πŸΌ).

Lovely picture by @jasminabylund with my small closed eye bag.

A few weeks ago we moved the boys into the same room, after your supporting words. The room situation is not by far done but It's so much easier now to read and to put them to bed. Thank you for always being there with so good advice πŸ’ž

I'll never compete with the pros in this section (like this talented lady @cashewkitchen ) but I can say that tonight's company really enjoyed this melon pizza and it was super fun to make, tried to capture it more here @tell.mariasabbah πŸ‰πŸ’πŸ“

Did you know you can find some of our range @libertylondon so if you are in London, go and grab your "ugly-toys-hider" and put the pretty ones at the top 😘

After a few weeks of hard work our site is now live again. So now we are represented properly. Go and check it out and let me know what you think, to celebrate our new site we will randomly select a few comments below who gets a gift. 😘 πŸ“· by @emmajonssondysell

Thank you so much for your support on last post. And so Lovely to see so many joining me on @tell.mariasabbah You are the best ❀️

Read all the way down 😘
I'm back. Some days off from Instagram for some reflection and product development. I came to a point where I find Instagram really challenging. I see and feel the lack of engagement and for a small business like me working on my own I see All of you as my colleagues, but now it's like my boss is bullying me even if I try my best, Instagram is trying to cut me out from the group and I feel a bit sore. I know this has been a debate for a while but this few weeks has been drastic, what I understand this has effected accounts of all sizes pushing business accounts to buy ads. More then me wants to take this stupid algorithm away 😩

Now why you should read down here. I decided to share more of what I do, not whole my life is dedicated to Tellkiddo, even if a lot is I feel that when this algorithm of Instagram is growing stronger I want to find a new strategy for you that want to follow us more back stage, so if you want to hang out you are welcome over here: @tell.mariasabbah

Love you guys let us always support small business together ❀️

Harmony πŸ“· @littlepp

Working like crazy with our new website, really really want to launch it this week, but have to enjoy some time with family as well πŸ’ž And appreciate inspiration like this by @annakubel with my small bear bag.

Stop a minute, did I take that picture?!?! Okay I admit, it was with the help of @babes_in_boyland but it was me who pressed the button ☺️ #Ididnotknowmycameracoulddothat

Now live, swipe to the left πŸ‘†πŸΌ Hooks with magnetic illustrations. Go and check it out, link in profile. Collab: @tellkiddo / @tresxics

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