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It's not easy slowly getting the energy back but still having to lay still in bed. #tellkiddostrongheart

Hi, a little update from the hospital. As we are a family business we invite you to follow our journey a little bit closer then other brands might do. As some of you know, 2014 we got our first son with a heart condition. Today was his surgery. Everything went as planned. Some of you, unfortunately, know how emotional it is to have your child go through a surgery. It's an emotional roller coaster and afterwards you are totally drained of energy. It will be a long way back and we will be here for a while, but we are slowly coming back.
Thank you for all your support (picture from just before we left for the hospital) #tellkiddostrongheart

I just realized that we got verified, Thank you Instagram for the blue tick. (Rare pic from our kitchen where we soon will change the kitchen counter 👏🏼) #needtofocusonsomethingelse #leavingtomorrow

Thank you spring for the nice light. The ABC bag is great for Sam now, as he is showing interest for all the letters, trying to learn the alphabet. Or mostly S but I guess the rest will come.

Thank you so much for your kind words on previous post, in comments and DMs, your support and knowledge is amazing, so happy to have you. Right now I think we spoil him a lot. He gets almost whatever he wants. But I think that's a common reaction to what we are soon to be going through ?!? 🤔

We are at #ovedskloster having some well needed family time. We just got word that Sam will have his heart surgery next week. Might not bee so active on Instagram this coming days or maybe I'll I really don't know. But the store is open as usual and we will answer emails to the best of our ability. Promise me to take care of each other this Easter we will enjoy this weekend a little bit extra #tellkiddostrongheart

We are in south of Sweden. The best thing about my work is that I can work from anywhere. Especially now when we are updating our webpage. I only need my computer and some ☕️ Picture of the small bear paper bag, bag available via our Etsy store, link in bio: @tellkiddo

Closed, the winner has been announced #tellkiddomini

The card that @towerp made to Sam when he became 3 yrs old (Sams birthday was in March 😉 but he still loves that card).

Some reading time with the small one. #notsosmallanymore Bedding from @garboandfriends

Today and yesterday we read the news and our thoughts are in Stockholm and the families that struggle the most. But we are not letting us be scared, we have lived in Stockholm for 12 years. Moved one year ago but we are always coming back to our beautiful capital city that will never change no matter what ❤ #keeponkeepingon

Don't miss where I collect some of your lovely homes with Tellkiddo items in. Be inspired @tellkiddo.inspo
This lovely home belongs to @baravickan with the small TOYS bag

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