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  ▽■▽ I live in Japan. ▽■▽ I hope you like my photographs. 日本語➕フランス語➕英語 フォローして頂けると嬉しいです。よろしく!^_^☆

今日の神戸まつり🌈 Sunny day by the water


いい母の日だった!🌈 Happy Mothers Day. We rented a car and spent the day going from thrift shop to thrift shop all over Osaka. I love how most people take very good care of their belongings in Japan. That, combined with a national tendency towards being a hoarder means that everything you buy usually is in its original box with instructions and all other packaging. No idea where people store all the boxes in these miniature, closet-free homes, but I'm grateful. Also, clothes are stain-free and meticulously ironed. Then, we took a walk and found a different river still decorated with koi nobori. Glad they left them up late! In my city, they're all down after the 5th.

神戸の鉄人☔️ A giant robot on a grey day.

神戸 I just love the manhole covers in this country.

眠た〜い!My sleepy kid + Charlie Brown

鯉のぼり🎏 The most beautiful hand-painted koi nobori

The happiest kid in the world 🎏

鯉のぼり🎏 Spent the day in Takatsuki at the river under these beautiful hanging carp!

The flamingoes laid an egg! 💕

私の姪っ子💕 My little niece, visiting Japan!

Every time a teen girl group performs here, I hope beyond all hope to see any teenagers in the crowd at all. Nope. Always only ever 40+ old men with NASA cameras. These groups have lots of young teen girl fans too, but they're often too intimidated to go to the live concerts. Kind of a shame.

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