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  ▽■▽ I live in Japan. ▽■▽ I hope you like my photographs. 日本語➕フランス語➕英語 フォローして頂けると嬉しいです。よろしく!^_^☆

天神天満の阿波踊り💖🍡✨ A local festival in Osaka

I'm always annoyed at the sensational "weird Japan" trope that's a constant in Western media. And then I leave for a month and come back and notice people doing stuff like this everywhere. 🇯🇵✨

天神天満阿波踊り🌈The coolest old man at the festival today⛩🏮

一年🖤one year

Japan has camels! 🐫🇯🇵鳥取砂丘🐫🇯🇵 I feel like I say the same thing every year, but so many people have glittery neon nights in their minds when they think of this country, and it's so much more than that. I love Tokyo probably more than most people, but Tottori is an incredible prefecture that most people tend to overlook.
Also, true to national stereotype, even the camels here are kawaii 🎀🐫🎀 #鳥取砂丘 #鳥取 #camel

The Italian restaurant mascot got a brand new wig 🖤 かわいいカツラだね🔥

Boy in the dunes 🇯🇵 鳥取砂丘

Private beach in Western Japan

鳥取🌲 There are times when Japan reminds me of Canada 🇨🇦🇯🇵

Wishing I were back in Okinawa.

Goodbye, America. It's been something else.

「どこの出身の人でも、ご近所さんになれてうれしいです」 🌍 This sign was on somebody's front lawn near Eastern Market. So nice to see.

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