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Tekla saceradze  My girls ❤ Sc: tekla.saceradze

Hi! I wish you read this... The girls On picture are my Best friends! They mean everything for me! I know them for long time and we did so much something together! They mean world for me! I love them from bottom of my heart Until die! I never let them go because I need them like air! I am always here for support this Girls! I have no idea what to do without them! Maybe you think that I am crazy or there is no chance to love then like that but No! I am not crazy! They are my unbiological sisters and they always will be!

Ily all guys!
Tag favs xxx

What you think guys? Xx

tag favs... My girl Mia Choose! @miafinatwalker

Okay! There are my BEST friends! I love them more then anything! So if YOU EVER Break their Heart, I Will break Your Face! Thats True! I really want to you Know how I Hurt when they Hurt... how Sad I am when they are sad... how happy I am when they smile and Laughing... SO if You have problem With Them, You Have Problem With ME!

My best one! Love you so much! Xxxxx @animetskhva_777

New Hair style! love U Xx
P.s. Mia choose! Thanks babe!
Tag favs.

Our First Make up! So Much fun today!
P.S. never Stay Home Alone with BFF! Its Danger!
Tag The bests! Xx

My baba forever! @mariam_janjalashvili

❤❤Tag bestest Friends! Love you forever! Xoxo

Its my birthday! My 12th year was so special for you and I love U so much! I wish my first teen year will be amazing with you! Tag favorites!

FRIENDSHIP Goals! Forever live With My Angels! @animetskhva_777 @mariam_janjalashvili #Mari #Ani

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