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Tehondi ⭐ Chicago テホンディ  🔺Positive Artist🔺 🔥TRUTH AIN'T DEAD album 2017!🔥 💼Clothing: Tehondi.com💼 ❎I'm On Spotify/Itunes/Etc!❎ ⬇Check out my music & Subscribe!⬇


Been spending like every other day at the studio but i finally got to record my song "Hinata" today so I feel lit ⭐

June 18th this year is fathers day, but its also your birthday as well. Its been over a decade since you past, but i continue to be a spitting image of you more & more. Its so weird knowing the one person who could understand me 100% is unreachable. If your out there looking over me, I know you'd be proud to see me pushing myself past my limit everyday. I won't stop. There is so much i want to achieve in life. I will make up for the remaining life you lost & i dont hate you for it at all. You can live through me so have no regrets. I understand. I'm going to have an epic story to tell you when its all over ❤ #UntilThen... #WatchMe
- #fathersday #progress #HappyBirthday

I love #AttackOnTitan
Another amazing season 😍

Me & Jay Hitz been working hard on producing this new #MusicVideo for the past couple weeks. Hope you all will enjoy it 😊 #Fun #WorkHard

YOOO. "Pain (I Wanna Live)" just hit 9K views & my channel is close to 1000 subs! #ThankYou to everyone for the love and support!! #Link in my bio or down below if u haven't subbed already! I have been working on some MAJOR things behind the scenes that you all will get to see SOON. Stick with me please 😊. Your 1st move has to be your best move and I have something epic prepared for you all!🔥🔥(Link to video: https://youtu.be/D83YOUF9tqY )
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I was randomly scrolling through my old IG pics & saw this Hero's Journey Model I had compared my life too back in 2013. Its crazy that it has only been 4 years since then it feels so much further away. I think I was lowkey spot on where I placed it because I have been through so much stuff I never saw it coming. Anyways, I've always thought of my life as an adventure so I tried to guess where in my life I'm at on this model. So here's an update! I think I'm somewhere in this area I can't really determine which side I'm on. One thing I do know is that #HunterXHunter comes back June 28th & the #Beserk manga is back maybe that's the reward 😂😂 jk. I'm not really sure. All I know is that my life is in a beautiful place right now... And its only getting brighter ⭐😄
- #TruthAintDead #Progress #BecomeTheSavior

#Tehondi X #WashingtonDC 🔥 Been traveling the world but I don't know if its gets more realer than #ShadyGrove 😈

I'm back from #Washington D.C & I'm finally proud to say as team leader of Jackson State University that we won the 2016-2017 #UpToUs competition 😄😄! I'm real late on posting pics but only because I wanted to live in the moment & fully experience it! May 22 - 25, 1 person from the top 20 teams got flown out to #DC for the amazing Peter G. Peterson #FiscalSummit and we later got to explore #CapitalHill and speak 1st hand with elected officals! This was my 1st time in D.C and it was so amazing thanks to hanging out with awesome friends from the other teams. The most shocking thing is that the white house is WAYY smaller than I expected. Black suburbans are everywhere (its ah, secret society 🎵🎶 😂😂). The monuments were beautiful😍 and my only regret was not having more time to visit the museums 😭. We did a TON of walking omg it was like mad cardio (so many hills) but it was sooo worth it. My favorite person to see was Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans. Later that night I found out via Youtube he took down all confederate monuments in New Orleans and was like wow I wish I had took a photo with him and chatted. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of how things are done behind the scenes in politics. There is such a potent atmosphere walking around these important political places. The theme I've seen from every elected official who we spoke to is that success is seen & maintained the most through #bipartisan efforts. People in congress and even us as regular citizens need to toss egos aside and focus on that. We are all Americans here 👍. When it comes to the long term national debt that is something that effects us all. Lets work towards a brighter future 🔥⭐. We got recognized on stage & I also did tons of radio interviews! Lots of more pics are on the way haha.

Woke up to read #TokyoGhoul 125 this morning & god damn. Shout out to #Kaneki for finally getting some action I ship him & #Touka so hard! 😂😍 I didn't know TG was that type of manga tho 😶. Ishida is a real one for this chapter 🔥 But man I use to talk about manga & anime all the time on my IG I've just been so busy w/ life 😣😣. I hope to get back to my anime channel Tehondi-san 1 day. But here are all the manga/anime I read/watch currently. I gave them a hashtag below & added some pics of my favorite panels from recent chapters! Oh i just finished reading Seven Deadly Sins 218 it just released and its beautiful 😍😄
- #SevenDeadlysins aka #NanatsuNoTaizai (😛) #AttackOnTitan aka #ShingekiNoKyojin (😄) #PrisonSchool aka #KangokuGakuen (😍😏)
#HunterxHunter (ugh 😭)
#OnePunchMan (I'm way behind 😥)
#TokyoGhoul (😮) #Kingdom (My Favorite! ☺🔥 But now TG is coming close!)
-- Only anime I watch is #Boruto (😃) & #Aot (That last episode was🔥🔥 omg & today's was awesome ❤) #Anime #Manga #AnimeIsLife

This world can be pretty messed up & we go through a lot... But there are so many meaningful things out there that make it worth living. Focus on your passion & work #smart at it. Find and maintain your happiness. Don't give it up for anything! ⭐☺
- #TruthAintDead #Happy #LiveYourLife

Ya boy just hit a #3Peat🔥I have gotten strait As for 3 semesters in a row 🔥😈😄
- #WorkingHard #Epicness #TruthAintDead #RealBallin'

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