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Tehondi 🍥 Chicago テホンディ🔵⚪️  🔺Positive Artist🔺 🔥Hiatus Days Over EP drops 9/2017🔥 ⭐I'm on Spotify/Itunes/Etc!⭐ 💼Clothing: Tehondi.com💼 🔘Check out my music & subscribe!🔘


(Pt. 2) Also, i can speak some basic Japanese now it was really awesome going to the TOMO Generation Summit and being able to understand parts of sentences and being able to speak it some. Last time i knew basically nothing. What was so different this time was that i was pretty much the only person in my space who could not speak Japanese fluently. For a brief moment i was a little sad about it & i had to ask myself, would i be okay with this? But in the end it motivated me to truly learn the language and prosper. I am so driven to be fluent man I know I can do it!! I learned how to say a lot more hilarious stuff 😂😂. I got to experience a different style of housing, sento baths, & just explore around and interact with people 🍥. Im a little late with my reflections but this senior year is HECTIC for ya boy & its hard to make time for things haha. Thank you so much to the TOMODACHI program for including me in this & its all of its supporters. I hope to be able to fund the program on a large scale myself as well one day ☺.
- #TOMODACHI #Family #DanielInouye #Japan #Tokyo #Tomosummit2017 #TomoAlumni

(Pt 1) I had such a fun time visting #Japan again ☺ got to meet a whole bunch of TOMODACHI fam who were all really awesome people! (I didn't know there were so many different TOMO programs). I tried some new foods & ahhh the snacks are soooo goooddddd lol. I literally took a photo of it so when i come back i could find it 😂😂. It was a lot of work done towards my presentation, but it all paid off & I did really well! I really appreciate Mrs. Butler she helped me sooo much. The TOMODACHI Generation Summit was so well put together & so many important figures were there. It truly felt like a community of people who care about each other. I learned a lot, I laughed a lot, I sweated a lot (it was hot! Lol). Of course i'll be back again 🍥
- #TOMODACHI #Family #DanielInouye #Japan #Tokyo #Tomosummit2017

Made it safely in #Japan a little while back ☺. Tomorrow things kick off 🍥

This is why i was hesitant to donate to #RedCross. Im glad i didn't. I'd rather donate to my friends out there directly!

3 years ago (9/5/14) was the official start of me doing #music with my project #BecomeTheSavior. So much craziness has happen since then but those 3 words are still my life motto and forever will be 🔥. I had a rough time creating this project but i love it deerly. Working really hard to release my sophomore project #HiatusDaysOver. Its close ❤🍥

Leaving for #Japan again in a few days ❤. I'm very excited to be a speaker at the 2017 TOMODACHI Generation Summit. Still slightly perfecting my speech presentation & they said they will capture it on video so yay ☺. The rollout for #HiatusDaysOver album is almost here

Currently on the road for my 11 hour drive back to Mississppi but this weather man... This weather is legit death itself... Im pulling over to the side n waiting it out. Imma have to miss class tomorrow yo. Cause im not gonna go out like this!! Came too far man!! 🔥🔥 im just posting stuff obviously im scared for my life but i really want you all to send some positive energy my way ❤

Title: Wordly Travelers
Story: What I love about this photo is that it sums up the experience I had as a TOMODACHI Inyoue Scholar. We got to experience a different country and come out of it with a stronger bond. I took this photo while in Japan at Miyagi University of Education with the MUE students. This photo paits the reality that we crossed paths because we stand in front of opposite flags. I celebrate expecting Japan & Hiroto celebrates experiencing America. 🇯🇵🇺🇸 @tomoalumni  #tomophoto2017

Watashi wa raigetsu nihon ni kaerimasu! (9/8 - 9/11) 🍥 [[Translation]] I am returning to #Japan next month! 🍥
I applied & successfully have been selected to be one of 12 Tomo Voice Speakers at the 2017 #TOMODACHI Generation Summit! It will be held 9/10 in Tokyo, Japan at Showa Women’s University. I will be presenting a 3 minute speech (with visual representation) on the theme of Connectedness & Sustainability. All expenses covered. I am very thankful for this opportunity & excited to return as a proud TOMODACHI Inyoue Scholar ❤. I will pour my heart into this TED-talk style presentation!! 😄 "The Summit promotes and deepens the ties between TOMODACHI alumni and provides alumni a platform to develop future engagements in Japan and the United States. "

Living my life to the fullest🔥

Last night took an L but🍥

22 Tehondi🍥. 22 Today🍥. Spent my 1st moments as 22 sitting on the curb waiting for a tow truck 😂😂. Car got wrecked but its kool i always bounce back!! I'm alive. I'm in good health. That's all that matters! Everything happens for a reason. My album project should be finished this weekend & released in September I've been working so hard to complete it before I leave out of state next week🔥🔥. Reflecting on my life, i am so happy to be where i am today. Every year i end up working 3 times harder than the last because my dreams keep leveling up. This year is the year I finally get to see some of the results of all the hard work I've done. Hope everyone supports me on my journey ❤. Yea i was in pain some taking these pics but imma turn this loss into a win😂🍥. I wanted to shoot a music video too but J didn't want to 😂😂
#HiatusDaysOver #Happy #22

Car accident leaving the studio 😢

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