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#MusicGoals🍥: When things dont work out I just adjust & improve! Here are my goals :: New album "Hiatus Days Over EP" will drop in September. #8 tracks. Fuck sales just want to build exposure & my fan base. Im betting EVERYTHING on having a epic album release show #concert November in #Chicago 🔥but that means I'm really gonna need the support of people & im gonna work hard to make that happen! But 1st I need to drop that amazing album! Then 2018... The long awaited... Truth Ain't Dead album. I've been working everyday all day non stop man. Literally working on 2 projects at once. Putting all my money & time into it. I believe in myself and i can't wait for you all to hear the projects. #Musicvideo for Acquitted (No justice) might be finished tonight as well 🔥🔥

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Full song @ https://youtube.com/Tehondi & will be on all major music platforms within a week ❤. Here are my more detailed thoughts on the issue :: The question of "What are we supposed to do when the law makes us victims and refuses to put our killers in prison?" is insanely difficult to answer. If you respond to the injustice in an aggressive way, it could unintentionally fuel the police vs people war or even get you jailed/killed. But if you stay silent and do nothing, you’re basically supporting the injustice that is constantly happening to innocent people. I would say the key would be to do something in the middle of those two, but does that really work? No matter how much the people voice their frustrations over the injustices that has happened (Which we have endlessly), they never change anything. So what do you do? I ask myself this a lot and honestly I cannot find the answer yet. You can hear my sadness and frustrations over not being able to on the song and ultimately the song is used to bring that question to a bigger audience. I don't know what we should do, I just know I don't want to do nothing. But I also don’t want to do something that will only feed into the cycle and make it worse. It’s very easy to do that unfortunately. This song sheds a light onto the corrupted loophole in the justice system. If the people making the decisions are corrupt, what measures are there for people themselves to take action instead? There is none (as far as I know). I don’t generalize all cops as evil. I never will. Police play a key role in our society and we obviously need them… but that doesn’t mean they should have the ability to abuse their power and not get punished for it. That’s not okay. When it comes to this issue, I feel powerless, not because I don’t actually have power, but because I don’t know where or how to effectively use it. 

#NEWMUSIC🔥 Hear "Acquitted (No Justice)" in full @ https://youtu.be/oTeugT5o7pY [Link in Bio] & Download 4 #Free (or name your price) on my bandcamp @ https://tehondi.bandcamp.com .
Song will be on itunes/spotify n everywhere else within a week 🔥🔥
Song writren by yours truly ❤
Beat made by @abstraktbeatz
Animation by @echo.13
Cover art by @alistmuzicinterprize
Thank you so much for your involvement!!
---- [Extended Thoughts I Wrote Earlier]
I have had a lot lingering thoughts and emotions over the police & justice system for a very long time. After seeing another killer of an innocent man… an innocent black man… get acquitted of all charges, I just had to express my thoughts on a song. This was really a in the moment type of thing. It’s so much I could say, but I don’t want to give my thoughts too much right now. For now, I just want you all to just listen to the song and kinda let me know… do you feel this way too a little? It doesn’t matter the race of a killer. Evil is evil. And no I don’t think all cops are bad. Officers like @tnorman23 are amazing. Please share with your friends on all your social networks. It’s been exactly 2 years since I released any new music. I’m back. Hiatus Days Over EP coming soon. Then... the long awaited full length album... Truth Ain't Dead.

#Injustice #HiatusDaysOver #TruthAintDead #Happy

Acquitted (No Justice) will be released later tonight. Be ready 🔥💎 #SlightDelay cause I decided to make more changes to it today ❤
- Beat was Prod. By @abstraktbeatz - Animation was created by @echo.13#Tag3Friends✊

New song #Acquitted drops tomorrow around 5pm CT. 1st on my YouTube @ https://youtube.com/Tehondi then will be on spotify/itunes etc. Get ready... #Tehondi is finally back🔥. (This is not the actual cover art for the song. That will be shown tomorrow too). Been a long time coming and tons of intense work behind the scenes these past 2 years 🌟


Its been years since i actually watched fireworks 🌟 #EnjoyLife #Amazing

There is so much beauty in this dark world ❤

Been spending like every other day at the studio but i finally got to record my song "Hinata" today so I feel lit ⭐

June 18th this year is fathers day, but its also your birthday as well. Its been over a decade since you past, but i continue to be a spitting image of you more & more. Its so weird knowing the one person who could understand me 100% is unreachable. If your out there looking over me, I know you'd be proud to see me pushing myself past my limit everyday. I won't stop. There is so much i want to achieve in life. I will make up for the remaining life you lost & i dont hate you for it at all. You can live through me so have no regrets. I understand. I'm going to have an epic story to tell you when its all over ❤ #UntilThen... #WatchMe
- #fathersday #progress #HappyBirthday

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