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TEGAN MARTIN  Travelling Europe with #TheTravelProject Covering all things Body image Health & Wellness 🌎 Speaking enquiries to Teganmartin@live.com.au

Home sweet home with a European glow and memories to last a lifetime (after indulging in churros and gelato for two weeks straight). I’m excited to be back into a healthy routine listening to my body and keeping track of what foods nourish and fuel me (in a food diary), and which are best for my long term health.
There is a lot of discussion around health advice at the moment and the fact that mis-information and conflicting opinions on food and wellness are having a dangerous impact on the health of our society. I personally find the term “diet” quite ridiculous. How can following a diet written by someone else work for us - when only we ourselves can feel the tummy rumbles, energy slumps and headaches and itchy eyes?
I’m all for using cook books and instagram pages for inspo but we must remember that we are all of different ancestral background, age, gender and lifestyle and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to eating right.
Continue to learn from your favourite bloggers, nutritionists, icons or friends and take bits of what they are preaching to put to the test for yourself. As I learnt as a student at @nutritionschool “One persons food is another persons poison” (brocolli not excluded)
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Girls, we back on. Bring on the weekly Bachie banter and memes 🌹 What lucky Sheila will pick up this Aussie battler in his bag of fruit #whatalegend #thebadgelor @thebachelorau

Wouldn’t have expected anything less from #Foxtel last night at the launch of their 4K channel. Surprise after surprise! #Foxtel4k #whatthe4k

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Makeup- Shades of pale orange from my fave @meccacosmetica palette and #Myselfie @1000hour lashes.

With all the diets, superfoods and health fads out there, this whole eating thing is getting pretty stressful.

Whilst everyone encouraging these things has good intentions, I believe no one but you can create the perfect meal plan for yourself (sometimes with a little guidance). Our bodies thrive on different foods at different times of the day, month and year and the beauty of @hellofreshau is that I can change my diet dependant on what my body is craving at the time, without the headache of creating and sourcing the ingredients. Meat-free one week gives my digestion a break, meaty iron the next gives me the extra energy for that time of the month.
Tight schedule or not, food prep seems to be taking hours of many people’s self-care time (the time that fills our cups in order to keep going). Remember there’s always time to put yourself first if you make a few adjustments ✌

If you’re keen to trial your own box enter the code ‘TEGAN40’ for 40% off your first box. #DinnerDiaries

Date night calls for big lashes.. @1000hr #lashes #makeup #datenight #porto #portugal

Trying to stop one of the Lisbon trams for a photo proved to be quite difficult 🤷🏼‍♀️. #Portugal #lisbontrams #TheTravelProject @visitportugal

Basking in the sun at The National Palace of Sintra, overlooking the CUTEST little town I’ve ever seen. We spent the morning exploring these colourful streets, tried the famous travesseiro pastries, downed a few chocolate cups of the famous Portuguese Ginjas (cherry liqueur with chocolate.. Stop it)

The afternoon was spent with all of our new travel buds sipping on pimms on a balcony over the white sandy Cascais beach. Pinch me.
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A little snap from our Porto by the Sea dinner in Matosinos Portugal. I keep having to pinch myself at how blessed I am to be travelling through two countries that have been on my bucket list since I’ve been old enough to look at a world map. I did my first contiki when I was 20, it’s now almost 6 years later and whilst both trips have been incredible there’s something more magical about it this time 💫. There has been a shift in my attitude and my perspective of life (and of myself) has changed which in turn has changed this entire experience. It’s crazy how you can do something so similar twice and feel so differently about it.. I don’t want you to miss any of our adventures today as this is the day of our #fiestasandsiestas trip we have been looking forward to the most! Head over to @contiki to see what we get up to as I will be taking a break from my page for the day. BONUS I will be sharing a few travel health hacks too 😉

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PORTO 🇵🇹 You have exceeded all expectations! We spent the morning exploring the picturesque piazza and cafe hopping along the riverside before climbing the Luís I Bridge to reach this spectacular birds eye view of the Cais da Ribeira!! Mind is blown.
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Some articles have been written about me lately which unfortunately have misconstrued my intentions and what health coaching is really about. I can understand why the authors of these articles have misunderstood the role of a health coach, as it’s a very new profession but one I believe will soon become a very core part of the health conversation. I have never and would never claim to cure anyone of illness but I have chosen to be open about my health struggles with the hope of inspiring someone who may be suffering. The role of a health coach is to encourage people to achieve their personal health and wellness goals and keep them accountable. We give people confidence to make healthy choices based on their own lifestyles and the guidance they receive from medical professionals like their GPs and dietitians to help them foster healthy habits.
I’d be more than happy to offer these journalists a free coaching session so they can truly see what health coaching is about. I’ve got nothing to hide, and perhaps they’ll be inspired to share the positive message about why health coaching is so great!
Thanks to the majority whose kind words and support mean the world to me. Imma gonna go explore Europe now 🙋🏼‍♀️ #dontknockittillyoutryit 😜 #hatersgonnahate

Exploring San Sebastián with you 💙

@contiki #ThetravelProject

I was going to eat the orange, but then I realised I was on holidays... #churros @contiki #TheTravelProject

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