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Ultimate dinner goals 😍

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Fancied a proper pub tea tonight so we had steak with @tefal.uk actifry chips, homemade onion rings, a big fat mushroom, vine tomatoes and homemade peppercorn sauce 😛💫 The steak was a little more well done than I like but I’m still learning when it comes to cooking it, last time it was still raw but practice makes perfect haha👩🏽‍🍳
This was so delicious and totally syn free which means I have 10 whole syns left for dessert 😋🍦🍰

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Need some lunchtime #Veganuary inspo? @jordynburne’s your girl. #foodstagram

@Regranned from @jordynburne - My current fave: Mexican style veg with my homemade spice mix! A mix of bright and seasonal vegetables dry fried in my tefal and mixed with wild brown rice = basically heaven 🍚🥦🍅 #mexican #tefal #veg #vegan #vegetarian #veganvibes #mexicanstyle #food #foodie #foodporn #foodblogger #blog #southafrican #fresh #healthy #health #happy #fit #fitfam #helloduffymoon #duffymoon #green #greens #tomato #corn #fiesta #southafricanblogger

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Who feels like chicken tonight? We seriously do after watching these delish drumsticks about to be cooked up in @anniebosschic's fave new kitchen gadget. 🍗🍗🍗 #ActiFry

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Give me some tech kitchen gadgets ad I will love you forever. I love tech kitchen gadgets and I always want to try them out whenever I can.
So I got myself a 2 in 1 ActiFry as a Christmas pressie from Me to Me 😍 though it was bought during the Black Friday madness so I got quite a good deal.
I’ve been using this baby my 2 in 1 ActiFry by @tefal.uk and believe me.....it’s been amazing!

My meat tastes so good with it because it cooks and fries it at the same time. No need for oil which is the best healthy part.
I’ve made potatoes with it. I’ve fried plantain, chips, eggs and yam with it and I added just a spoon of oil.
I love Plantain so much but because it tastes better when fried, I tend not to eat it much but @tefal.uk has come to the rescue because their ActiFry enables me fry my delicious Plantain with just a table spoon of oil 😱😳. You can cook two different things at the same time as it’s got two parts - up and down!
I thought I should share this beautiful experience with you guys so you can join the healthy cooking gang for some delicious mouth watering meals with myactifry.
Check my highlight on my page for videos of my drumstick cooking/frying with ActiFry.
PS: I bought mine from @Argoshome
Enjoy the rest of your day and keep smiling 😘

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