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The top messiest foods you’ll want to avoid when wearing your Sunday best. #LondonFashionWeek #MessyEating

When you’ve discovered the perfect colour for your tea, the perfect description is key. #Tefal #Breakfast #Loft

Say when...

There are two kinds of tea drinkers in this world: squeezers and leavers. Which one are you?

Dunking rewards the brave. What’s your technique?

The art of the brew. it's the ritual that makes your tea your own personal masterpiece. What's youts? #Tefal #Breakfast #Loft

If you thought that for us Brits, tea was just some water, a choice of teabag, some milk (probably); then think again.

Not all tea bags are created equal. Circle, square, rectangle, pyramid, oblong… okay, so we made that last one up. But seriously, which tea bag stops you getting bent out of shape, and why? #BritishToAT

When it comes to tea, us Brits can be difficult to please (understatement of the century). Take Ian here. He only drinks tea from a porcelain cup. Do you know anyone this fussy? #BritishToAT

With its fluted design and precision spout, the Loft kettle is for those who like their tea just so. It’s a fuss pot for fuss pots.

The right mug makes a perfect cuppa. You wouldn’t serve a Martini in a paper cup, right? #Tefal #Breakfast #Loft

Every Brit knows that the first tea of the day is a big one. Works just like rocket fuel.

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