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On the other hand, my shop in the basement gets almost no natural light. Pulled out the leather to fit pads onto my family of vises for some extra grip, especially when working on smaller pieces. #woodworking #leather #vise #handmade #lastchancetextiles #samhillhandbuilt

Sunday morning light helps with the make believe that I’m almost a fraction of a percent as capable as @shipjohn.

❤️💛❤️ My sweetheart of the rodeo 🧡💜🧡

It was five years ago today that Hunny Bunny and I went for our usual afternoon walk, only to come upon a tiny and scared little dog shaking and huddling against the neighbor’s garage door. He was super skinny and ill and deep in coyote territory, so we took him in and made him feel comfortable. They’ve been piled on each other ever since and he’s the best Valentine a Hunny Bunny could have ever dreamed up. That’s really saying something because these two sleep most of the day so the volume of dreams is tremendous! Happy anniversary, you two crazy old dogs. ❤️💩❤️💩

To make ‘em really slide you gotta add some oil... this will always be the most satisfying part of the process. #boloslide #bandanaslide #handmade #woodworking #ebonized #whiteoak #blackwalnut #bandana #samhillhandbuilt #lastchancetextiles

Lookout Portland, I’m getting myself Oregonized. All of these bolo slides will be finished (🤞) and coming with me and @last_chance_textiles to sell at @the1moto alongside her beautiful bandannas, wild rags, and hat bands. Knots are for squares. Slides are always fun! See y’all next weekend. #theoneshow #seeseemotorcycles #lastchancetextiles #bandanna #bandana #boloslide #handmade #woodworking #samhillhandbuilt

End of the year project #2 was two hand carved wood combs, one from Red Cedar and the other from Curly Cherry. Those are two very different woods, with the Cedar much softer than the Cherry, so it was great learning to adapt my process and achieve similar results. This was my first time working with Cedar and really enjoyed the qualities of it, not to mention how wonderful the shop smelled during the process. #handmade #carvedwood #woodworking #redcedar #curlycherry #cherrywood #woodcomb #samhillhandbuilt

Finally get to post some recent work after ensuring that these were received and no surprises were spoiled. Took the holiday season as an opportunity to challenge myself a bit and try making some new things. One of those things is what I guess I could call a multi-planed bookmark. It’s designed to thread a page or pages thru the two legs, as a way of more securely holding in place and not slipping out of the book when opened. Carved from a single piece of African Mahogany so that the two legs sit at different angles, each with a curved “front” to guide the page and a flat “back” to rest against the opposite page. I’ve made two so far and feel pretty happy with the result considering the shape and concept were developed from scratch and then executed on a fairly small scale. #handmade #carvedwood #bookmark #africanmahogany #samhillhandbuilt

Because you don’t win if you don’t play the game, and a beautifully handmade tool is absolutely worth playing for. #hillview10k

Ended the work week with a little sanding at sunset in a very quiet warehouse, which is the best kind of warehouse.

“When parking stops being polite, and starts getting real.” #truuuuuuuuuestory


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