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I am my mother’s daughter, down to the freckles. 🙃

Gotta stretch out those legs, ya know. S/O to @styledby_rhonda for teaching me all the things.

Living my best life in the sunshine state ☀️

too many of you, only one of me.

A look.

To the light of my life, you are every mamas dream. I promise to fight for your peace & happiness every moment that I’m alive. I hope that you only ever see the good in this ugly world. ✨

Power to the girls 🌺

Excuse the rbf. I promise I’m happy.

Don’t forget this face. One day I just might be in your closet, amping up your style ✨

I don’t know.

Clean clothes and clean souls 💟

You have the power to change the world, but the change starts with you.

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