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πŸ₯€  Your pretty face and electric soul

Keep going,
You are strong.
You are beautiful.
You are intelligent.
You are wild.
You are free.
You are yours.
Don't forget that.


As simple as that πŸ–€

We always want the fairytale, the perfect relationship. But, you know what? That won't be a real relationship. A real relationship has struggles, bad moments, fights... But that's part of it, we have to deal with it and keep going, if what you feel for the other person is real love, you'll get over it. We have to learn how to love the other person with their weakness and virtues, the same as they have to accept us with ours. A real relationship is that one that, even if it isn't perfect, it keeps going, because both people put effort into it. Because they don't want to lose each other. Because they love each other. πŸ–€


People sometimes ask me why am I so cold. Well, this is the reason. I just have fear, I'm scared of people. I don't want to give my heart and share my life and thoughts with other person. I don't want to give all my trust to other person, cause I know it can turn on my back when I need it the most. I want to trust in people, but I just can't trust in someone the way I did before... The way I did before so many people I trusted in, failed me. I'm not cold, I'm just scared. I'm just hurt. πŸ₯€

"Chaos is a friend of mine" πŸ₯€πŸ’«

✴ The end of the f***ing world ✴
I just finished seeing this TV show like 5 minutes away. I can't believe how much it changed my opinions and the way I see the world and people. Now, the word LOVE has a new meaning for me. You don't just love people for who they are. You also love them for who you are when you are with them. When a person doesn't only make you feel good, but also makes you feel free. You feel like, every time you are with the person you love, you don't only find out more about how they are; you also find out more about yourself. Like Alissa (one of the main characters of this TV show) says: "I felt like if I was more me when I was with him than when I was on my own".
Now I also appreciate how love can change someone, how can love turn a simple person into a person you feel like home with, even if you are miles away from it.
LOVE. Now, it has a new meaning for me.

✴ Sex in the city ✴
You know, that moment you look around and you realize everything is the same as always, and you just want to run away, you just want to feel free and wild for the very first time. That moment is the moment when your life can begin again, or keep being the same. You own what could be the most important decision of your life. Just do it, you have so many ways you can change your life, or just the way you look at it. You just have one chance to be in this world, don't let anyone or anything make you miss this opportunity.

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