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(My Artist 1) Jermaine L. Cole - My first song that i heard from J. Cole and then after fell in love with his music was "Too Deep For the Intro". I had just took a big hit out of a bong and then put my head on my arms with my arms over my knees and sat down on the couch (i was high as shit). I was relating to every word he was saying on that song. He changed my life and helped me get through a lot of situations and hard times. I relate to him the most out of any artist. I call him my brother. I feel i know him so much and thats only through his music. I have not met him yet but i had seen him live in Boston (November 2014). It was the best time i had in my life. The experience was as real as his real music is. I have a real relationship with him and thats what makes him a Great artist to be remembered in time. Thank you




2. fenty (1988)

1. robyn (1988)

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slow down, prayer in

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