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Teegan Stockwell  24. Australian. Country girl. Banking 💸💰⛏ Business 👔💼👠. CrAzY 💃 Open-Minded 🌏👀 In love 😍 💘 DJR 👶🏼🎀 Daisy Coco

My girl. You’re my reason for wanting to be a better woman, for wanting to believe in myself, for pushing myself out of my comfort zone, for wanting to experience everything I can in this life. So that one day, when you grow up, I might be your inspiration, just like you’re mine 💕 #daisycoco #babygirl #love #daughter #11months #mamasoutfit

Even though I can’t take credit for Daisy’s looks (they’re completely her Dads), aren’t they beautiful 😍. You’ve both completely changed my life and I’m a better person for it. Thank you for making me a Mummy Dave and Daisy, thank you for making me love being a mother SO much. I’m proud to call you mine and cannot wait to be best friends ❤️ #daisycoco #family #christmastime #missitalready #love #happiness #change

This year, I’ve really been thinking about what Christmas means. And how we want Daisy (and any future children) to feel about this wonderful time of year. This is perfect. Maybe I can get it framed and put it up 😏💕🎄 #christmastime #summer #australianchristmas #family #love #understanding

Daisy 🌼
You amaze me every day. Especially today when you were so unwell, you could barely hold your little body up and your poor little tummy must’ve been in so much pain. But you still gave the brightest smile when the doctor came in, he didn’t believe you were so sick 😂. I’ve loved the extra cuddles but looking forward to you being better.
And cannot believe how beautiful you’ve become either 😍. #babygirl #daisycoco #sickbuthappy #beautiful #notbiased #family #love

This was my first ever cuddle with Daisy Coco. After being in the ICU with severe pneumonia and plenty of other problems, I finally got to hold my baby and it was amazing. Still can’t believe you’re almost 10 months old, it really does fly and I’m so glad we’ve cherished every moment 😍😍 #daisycoco #babygirl #loveatfirstsight #family #love #happy #birth #labour

Jack & Daisy
These two are nearly exactly a year apart and already having so much fun with each other. Daisy’s just fascinated by him 😍. Can’t wait for another year to pass to see them with the two new bubs about to come along 💕💕 💙💜

Daisy enjoying time with Mama (Grandma) 💕👵🏼👶🏼 #cococrazy #babygirl #happybaby #love #family

9 months!! Brings a huge tear to my eye 😢. I cannot believe how far we’ve come baby girl. I still remember how absolutely terrified I was when we first brought you home. I thought I was going to drop you constantly. Then I was too afraid to take you anywhere in case you cried and people stared at me. Then we had months of horrible sleep. Days we just sat in our pyjamas and days we never stopped. Days we both cried together because we were so exhausted and days we laughed and laughed.
Now I take you everywhere and you’re so well behaved. You smile at people and never stop moving. You’re a handful ALL the time but you’re MY little handful. I’m so excited but so scared to see what comes next. But one thing will always be, and that’s my love for you my beautiful little girl 💕

#daisycoco #babygirl #love #daughter #mygirl

Our first Berrigan Cup 😍👒🌼🐎🌿🍷 #daisycoco #family #races #fun #gooddayforit

“This the shit right here Mum!! You better take me to the races now I’ve got my hat!” 🐎🐎🌼🌞🌿👒

The realisation that this cheeky monkey 🐒 is going to be a toddler in just over 3 months hit hard today when she was walking along with her walker by herself. Hits ya right in the heart ❣ our baby 👶🏼 is leaving the building #daisycoco #babynomore #happywithherself #somanynewtricks #love #cheeky #family #lookatthathair

Maybe she is my child....? Just a little in the eyes. Still has Dave’s boof head though haha 😜 just kidding!! #daisycoco #motheranddaughter #slightresemblance

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