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Teegan Lee  Aussie living in the US. Administrative Ace. Cupcake Connoisseur. Feminist. Nerd. Cat Lady. Former Theatre Lx Designer, now working in public policy.

It really shouldn’t have taken me this long to make it to @bluestonelane, the Aussie style cafe near work #aussieinamerica

There is avian sexy times happening outside and my cats are pervs

The A’s and the Warrior’s both won tonight! 💚💛💙

I was pretty excited to meet @ginginpurcell31’s dog @luna_the_corgi_puppy. I even wore my corgi dress for the occasion. She’s so cute!!!

This is as close as we got to the Lincoln Memorial, it kinda feels like we barely scratched the surface of D.C.

Apparently you’ll be able to go up inside it again starting sometime next year. I’m not really sure I’d want to though personally, it’s very tall and very narrow and very windowless except for the very top.

Selfie with the Washington Monument

America very nearly beat me. Chris talked me into trying deep fried Twinkies. I didn’t even get halfway through one before giving up in disgust.

Our fancy anniversary dinner included the best shrimp and grits either of us had ever had. <3

It was impossible not to giggle at the amount of ‘Murican going on in the White House gift shop but they were playing a presidential bloopers video so they clearly didn’t take themselves too seriously...

We went to the place where that scene from In The Loop where Malcolm Tucker swears at the American tourist was filmed!

I love that there is a collection of man burn ash and detritus (nails, wire, broken neon tube etc.) going back to 1998 that not only exists but is on display in a fancy gallery. #NoSpectators

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