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Ted Sablay  Touring Musician (Lead Guitar Player) for The Killers “The way you do anything is the way you do everything” - Tom Waits


Shipped my Gibson Explorer sans the electronics today to be stripped and repainted by Rick Fusco. (Thanks Gil Rosado for the quick turnaround on gutting the guitar). Instead of keeping the regular color, I wanted to have it be TV White, mostly for the look, but also for the story as explained by Blog.warmoth.com: “If you have ever seen early black and white television footage from the 1940’s and 50’s, you have probably noticed that white objects often appear unnaturally bright, “blown out”, haloed, or blurry. These artifacts are the result of a combination of factors. To begin with, most early television shows were filmed live, and required very bright – almost daylight – levels of studio lighting. To exacerbate the situation, the early video cameras that shot live action used analog vacuum tubes, and those tubes didn’t have the dynamic range necessary to handle areas of high brightness. The resulting “blown out” bright spots in the video signal are analogous to the warmth or “sag” that tube audio amplifiers exhibit when pushed beyond their range. “We can still see recorded examples of this phenomenon, but it’s important to note that these artifacts are a result of the cameras, not the film. In the days before videotape, most live broadcasts were recorded via a process call “kinescope”, in which a film camera is aimed not at the live action, but at a video-display tube. For all these reasons, wearing pure white clothing or using pure white props on a live TV shoot was discouraged.” “To mitigate this problem, legendary inventor, guitarist, and TV star Les Paul (for whom the Gibson Les Paul® line of guitars is named) suggested a wheat-colored guitar finish. The color would appear white in live television broadcasts , but because it wasn’t actually white it wouldn’t overwhelm the cameras under bright lights. The finish was adopted by Gibson, and is sometimes referred to as TV White.”

#tbt Age 15 in my first band. The velvet hat and dragon guitar strap have gone away but the Les Paul and Tom Petty concert tee remain.

Looking forward to the next leg of the Killers’ Wonderful Wonderful tour beginning in Oslo this week (Helsinki has been rescheduled for July 24)

Paid a longer visit to The Rolling Stones exhibit in Las Vegas before heading back out on the road. Favorite parts of the exhibit: Mick Jagger’s answers to an early fan club questionnaire, audio of Mick and Keith talking about songwriting, and a recreation of the old dirty flat they used to share in London before the band took off.

NBA All-Star Weekend 📸: @robloud

Never felt short until tonight 📸: @robloud #nbaallstarweekend

Tonight’s soundtrack: “Between the Buttons” #therollingstones

Quality time with Princess Aria #nieceinlaw

Suffolk, England in July!

Thanks everyone who came out and saw the Killers on the band’s 22-date North American tour — it’s strange to think that we’ve played over 50 shows since last night September. Here’s some video that my wife @shmercier took at last month’s Madison Square Garden show. The tour picks back up in Oslo, Norway on February 23rd.

Will forever be grateful to Paul Simon for making it cool to study music and strive to always be a better musician. Looking forward to seeing him in Las Vegas this May on his farewell tour.

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