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Ted Rheingold   Husband, dad, rational idealist. Owner/Operator. Skier, happy camper. 20 yr SF resident.

It's hard to see, but the great blue heron in McLaren Park just caught the fish at the end of his beak.

Who had this on vinyl?

Change of venue.


Made a change of venue today.

Two Rheingold men (Paul and Howard, unrelated) planting a lime tree for us at RheinMore farms. Thanks also to @jvars @jbsteadman and @michaelclarke3784 for digging out the base.

At UCSF Hospital.

A league of their own. Grandma pitching to Mabel

New personal best.

Friends came and trimmed our vivacious plum trees to the core, harvested the plums, made "Potero Plum" jelly and brought another bushel of plums to the SF Food Bank. Then they've been coming by and filling our compost barrels with the trimming before garbage pick-up. Thank you @howard.rheingold for showing us how it's done. @thumper & @actiongrl for making the jelly and @jbsteadman and @copatbark for pitching in. 🙏✊️💛

Fountain Head.

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