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Ted Rheingold   Husband, dad, rational idealist. Owner/Operator. Skier, happy camper. 20 yr SF resident.


Mabel flying. Thx for pix @jvars

Take a seat.

Summer ref barn with Mt. Sunapee (2,700') in the distance.

A joke my elder sibling left behind for us. Mystery Science Theatre watchers should appreciate.

#TBT A set of action shots found in my photo album

My dad made a project with the kids here of making a Hillary sign. :))

Molly and Mabel. Early morning serenity.

SHE SHOOTS! SHE SCORES!! Thx @jackdanielsmom1 for the shirt!

Had a nice visit from @hrheingold yesterday

@mollygolightly thought we should go to mario's bohemian cigar shop for 2nd lunch. Glad Ive been able to get out more, but I gotta travel w a pillow because wooden chairs are murderbon my boney butt.

Breakfast vibes from this morning. Thx @wendymac for the water paints and book

Finally got Mabel's new birthday bike to her. She's stoked w the light weight and hand brakes compared the the heavy old foot-brake hand-me-down we had. She still has gotta learn how to ride it, but I'm really not worried about it much because if I'm feeling low energy, I'm goona recruit a couple of you log jumpers ;). Big thx @kentgoldman for the "Early Rider" suggestion. Fuck all those gender-specific heavy-as-iron kid bikes. And yeah @sacca I've already let her know she's got to gather her very best stickers to put on it.

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