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TED-Ed  TED-Ed is TED’s youth and education initiative. TED-Ed’s mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world. Link:

#TEDEdWeekend is tomorrow! 😱❤️💫 Visit YouTube.com/tededstudenttalks to tune in live starting at 10 AM EST (subscribe ahead of time to be notified). Get ready for inspiring performances, riveting TED Talks and engaging panels all delivered by students from around the world. #ShowupSpeakup

💡What would you give a TED Talk about? 💡Seriously? TED-Ed asked students around the 🌍 the same question, and now 17 of them are headed to TED Headquarters to give their Talks at #TEDEdWeekend on Saturday, November 17th. Check out our speaker announcement video (link in bio) to see what you might have in common with some of these students, and while you're there, subscribe to our Students Talks channel! 🛎Ring that bell 🔔 and you'll be notified when the event is streaming live ⚡️ (starting at 10AM EST). And seriously! What would you give a TED Talk about? #ShowupSpeakup

Don't miss a single story! On November 17, 2018 students from all over the world are convening at TED Headquarters for the annual #TEDEdWeekend event. This year the event celebrates students who “show up and speak up” and acts as a reminder that every student has an idea worth spreading and has the power to effect change. Don't miss these amazing speakers at TED's only student conference: subscribe to our Student Talks YouTube channel, and you'll be notified when you can tune in to the live stream of the event. (link in bio) #ShowupSpeakup

THE WEEKEND IS HERE! 🎈🎉🎼 Time for an Octopus dance party and shout out! Did you know octopuses have the ability to solve puzzles, learn through observation, and even use tools – just like humans! 🐙=😎 #TEDEd #Funfact

Agree? Or disagree? #TEDEd 🖊📝🖌

🚨We have an exciting announcement for #WorldTeachersDay!🚨 Thanks to support from @google, #TEDEd will soon be launching a new YouTube channel dedicated to celebrating the ideas of educators across the globe.💡📺🌏 We believe that teachers do the most important job in the world, and this channel, which will feature Talks for educators by educators, will amplify the newest and most groundbreaking ideas in education. 🍎📚 Subscribe now through the link in our bio so that you’ll be ready when we publish our first educator Talk in the coming months! And if you’re an educator interested in getting involved, check out ed.ted.com/masterclass for more info. #GoogleEdu @googleedu

What are some dreams that you have transformed into realities? 💡🚴‍♂️🎼🔬🎨👨‍🎓 #TEDEd Student, Rana Clarisse, delivered a compelling Talk about how to actualize our ambitions and it made us want to collect more stories about making dreams come true! 🗣 Comment below to share your example! AND learn more about the #StudentTalkProgram (link in bio.)

It's 💥#NationalComicBookDay 💥 and we want to know: who's your favorite superhero? Our's? Cyanoacrylates... aka SUPER GLUE! Superglue forms the strongest bonds of all the adhesives. Get all the deets on the Super Strong and Super Sticky with our lesson on the great debate: which is stronger tape or glue? (link in bio). #TEDEd

Have you ever wondered why your voice changes? 🗣🗯😳🤦‍♂️As you age, your larynx ages too. During puberty, the first major shift starts, as your voice begins to deepen. This happens when your larynx grows in size, elongating the vocal folds and opening up more room for them to vibrate. These longer folds have slower, larger vibrations, which result in a lower baseline pitch. This growth is especially dramatic in many males, whose high testosterone levels lead first to voice cracks, and then to deeper, more booming voices, and laryngeal protrusions called Adam’s 🍎s. Another vocal development during puberty occurs when the homogenous tissue covering the folds specializes into three distinct functional layers: a central muscle, a layer of stiff collagen wrapped in stretchy elastin fibers, and an outer layer of mucus membrane. These layers add nuance and depth to the voice, giving it a distinct timbre that sets it apart from its pre-pubescent tones. So basically, it’s #science, it’s normal, and it’s pretty fascinating! Learn more about why our voices change by checking out our #TEDEd animation. (link in bio)

If you could ☝️upgrade☝️ one thing about your education, what would it be? 🍎#TEDEdStudent, Jangho Yun, gave an impassioned Talk about contributing to the improvement of the school system, and we want to add your voice to the conversation! 📝 Comment below to share your thoughts 🗣 AND learn more about the #StudentTalkProgram (link in bio.)

We want your book recommendations! 👀 In honor of #bookloversday tell us what book you think everyone needs to read next? #SummerReadingForever! 🧡📚🌞#TEDEd

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Join us in celebrating Nelson Mandela’s birthday today! #MandelaDay #TEDEd

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