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These places were a lot nicer then walters house lol.

I almost got a picture in front of "Walter Whites House" !
So far this road trip hanging out with @savannahbellex has been a blast and basically just a run around taking pictures at iconic breaking bad scenes lol.
#breakingbad #roadtrip #friendship

Long story, it's the neighbors house lol

Yesterdsy I got to work the Indian School and 32nd Dutch Bros grand opening. I was so excited that I actually showed up to my shift almost 3 hours early haha
Talk about one if the most fun and hyped up days I could ever have. I got to meet so many people from this company that can inspire people to achieve great things, and always become a better version of yourself. Plus they do it in just a few short days worth of time.
Along with all the amazing people I got to work with, you can't forget the people I got to serve all day, our customers are out of this world- this job wouldn't be anything without them.
Oh and then a super bonus of this opening was going on the roof obviously.
#dutchbros #dutchbroscoffee #abetterworld #grandopening #dbaz #hookthemup

To make all your friends feel there is something in them.
#friendship #blastedbarley #drank

Last night I made all my friends walk down to the love bench and take pictures with me lol I've been friends with Zak for about 4 years now? Which is crazy to think about haha. Thanks for sticking around and I'm excited for future adventures to come💕

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.
#whatsyourpassion /art
I've been putting a lot of practice into spray painting, I remember as a kid walking around Madison and being amazed with artists doing this stuff. I'll practice until I can achieve the amazing work I saw as a kid.

Almost got it all done! I'll be finishing it soon but I am so excited to finally have this tattoo. I've wanted it for a long time.
Thanks @boffeecreath
#tattoo #pokemontattoo #pokemon

Who wants to hit up multiple dates with me? I really want to go to Phoenix along with LA/Vegas:o
I'm so excited for this tour.

Staci and I got to make our own bath bombs today!!
#lushscottsdale #biggerisbetter #lushcosmetics @thrumyeyes777

It's been a year and I haven't gone a day without thinking about you.

Round two of some awesome picture from the last couple days.
Top right, Dezzy and Conner, I'm so excited that they moved upnto.Prescotr for this new adventure I know they're going to do amazing.
Bottom right, Victoria and Genny, I'm so happy I have these two still here to look up to in the company along with getting into trouble with when we're all hanging out haha.
Then the left side, Jaz is someone I only got to be around a couple times but I know she's going to do amazing and I'm so happy for her to be opening her franchise is Prescott Valley.

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