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Techa Bryant  Author/Speaker Inspiring one person at a time to transform from having a hole to being W.H.O.L.E. Worthy, Happy, Open-Hearted, Living, and Elevating


To have the strength and courage to get up you have to kneel before God and he will give you the strength and courage, not only to get up. He will restore and heal you.
#HeAnswersPrayers #WontHeDoIt #GodRestores #WholeNeverHole

We are back!! Tune in today for cocktails and conversation!#goinglive #cocktailandconversation #Wholeneverhole

When YOU own your own power YOU don’t have to explain why YOU want respect. Simply don’t engage with someone who doesn’t respect YOU. #SelfLove #Respect #WholeNeverHole #HolesInTheSoul

We may find ourselves looking frantically for other people to make us feel better, the whole time knowing our happiness and well being doesn’t lay with others. Find your happiness within. #SelfHappiness #WholeNeverHole

Starting from ground zero doesn’t mean that we forget everything, we just forgive. Forgive ourselves and forgive others. In turn we can move forward without looking back. #Forgiveness #MovingForward #WholeNevetHole #HolesinTheSoul

Fear can be a big stopper for many of us. Relax and recognize YOUR best is good enough. YOUR failures may turn out to be the very thing that leads YOU to greatness and success! #Fearless #IAmGreat #WholeNeverHole #HolesInTheSoul

Denial is an intoxicating tool. Never underestimate its ability to cloud YOUR judgement. We use this tool to make reality more bearable. Now is the time to find courage to face YOUR truth, so YOU can move forward! #WholeNeverHole #StopDenying #HolesinTheSoul #ForwardMovement

Shame is a something others put on us to control us, to keep us in a dysfunctional system. Learning to reject shame can change the quality of life. It’s ok to be who YOU are. YOU are good enough!! #WholeNeverHole #HolesinTheSoul #IAmGreat

Sometimes we get what we want right away. At other times, we wonder if our desires will ever be filled. Some things take time. Know that we have lessons to be learned that prepare us so we can accept the good we deserve! #Patience #WholeNeverHole #HolesinTheSoul

Panic and desperation will lead to bad judgment and desperate moves. This is the time to substitute faith for fear. This is the time to trust God to meet our needs. #WalkinFaith #WholeNeverHole #HolesinTheSoul

Hello!! Looking forward to collaborating with the Beautiful Miss Teen Houston International 2017! Thank you for your love and support!! #Grateful #WomanEmpowerment #HolesinTheSoul #WholeNeverHole

I had the opportunity to meet this phenomenal speaker. Thank you @jsprinklesdotcom for shouting out to @techa.bryant and Holes In The Soul! #pushproject #HolesinTheSoul #WholeNeverHole

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