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Made by VR Training Solutions, a new virtual reality simulator called VR Bear Safety Training Program offers practical pointers on how to defend yourself against a possible bear attack. While wearing goggles and holding a controller — a stand-in for bear spray — players will see themselves actually inside a digital forest where the program simulates a bear encounter in the woods, complete with sound effects of the trees and the bear itself. When players are spotted, the bear charges quickly. At that point, the players must decide which actions to take before the bear reaches them. The training program also includes information on identifying bears by their breed, understanding bear signs and tracks, as well as what to actually do when you cross paths with a bear in the wilderness. Kelly O'Neil, CEO of VR Safety Training Solutions, stated recently to CBC News, "If you're able to practice when you know what could happen and you have in your mind what could happen and what you need to do, then you're going to be better prepared." #tech #vr #bears

The system, developed by Abel L. Peirson V and E. Meltem Tolunay, uses a pre-trained Inception-v3 network using the long short-term memory model to produce captions that are applicable to a particular picture. Humans then assess the humor of the meme, rewarding the system for true LOLs. The researchers trained the network with “400.000 image, label and caption triplets with 2600 unique image-label pairs” including funny memes generated by actual humans. The system then recreates memes in a similar vein. Among the various findings, according to the researchers, "we note that there was a bias in the dataset towards expletive, racist and sexist memes, so yet another possibility for future work would be to address this bias."
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There is a growing amount of evidence that virtual reality apps can help patients deal with anxiety that comes with hospital stays. And at the Örebro University Hospital in Sweden, a 10-minute 360-degree video offers insight into the preparation and labor for first-time parents. Called "birthual reality," the video even switches to an over-the-shoulder camera angle of the expectant mother before, during, and after delivery of the newborn. Chief midwife at BB Stockholm hospital, Kristina Müller, believes this new VR experience "has the power to make people really understand what actually happens when a child is born." #tech #vr #childbirth #tech

Axiom Space, which bills itself as the first commercial space station, said that it will offer seven to 10-day vacations on the International Space Station at a cost of $55 million...per person. Axiom, led by NASA's former ISS Program Manager Michael Suffredini, hasn't provided specific details yet but will more than likely rely on the likes of SpaceX and Boeing to ferry vacationers beyond the stratosphere. The current floor plan of the facility includes crew quarters, a dining area and a galley. The company will also give tourists a 15-week training course before their flight. According to Axiom's website, since the ISS is scheduled to retire in 2024, the company plans to separate its habitation area from ISS and establish its own station which you can visit, agan for $55 MILLION DOLLARS PER PERSON. #tech #space #vacations

Samsung Electronics is committed to transitioning its existing facilities, offices and factories across US, Europe and China to 100 percent renewable energy sources by 2020. At its Digital City headquarters in Korea, they plan on installing 42,000 square meters worth of solar panels, roughly the size of six football fields. The company will also be working with partners in its supply chain, helping the top 100 companies set and achieve their own renewable energy targets. #samsung #gogreen #tech

Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users, so the photo-sharing app has rolled out IGTV. Anyone will be able to upload videos for Instagram’s new IGTV section, which will display them full-screen and vertically. And the videos in IGTV won’t be limited to just one minute; they can be up to an hour long. Instagram says it’s not immediately paying for any content on the app, nor will it start with any advertising. But the company did say that it plans to make sure people making popular videos have a way to make money from their efforts. “Younger audiences are spending more time with amateur content creators and less time with professionals,” Instagram said in a blog post. #tech #instagram #tv

Tapplock, a hi-tech padlock secured via fingerprint, was found to be easily opened with just a smartphone. Essentially, using a phone, anyone would be able to "pick" the lock if they scanned for Bluetooth devices when close to the lock. In a recent blogpost, security expert Andrew Tierney from Pen Test Partners (PTP), wrote, "You can just walk up to any Tapplock and unlock it in under two seconds. It requires no skill or knowledge to do this." In response, Tapplock acknowledged the flaw and said it was issuing "an important security patch." 🔒 #tech #devices #gadgets #tech


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The VAR team, as it is called, consists of one video assistant referee, three assistants and four replay operators, which will have access to all 33 camera feeds covering the matches, plus exclusive access to two special offside cameras. Not only that, but two cameras will be turned on the refs themselves, so their decision process will be public. Specifically, video assistant referees will help referees in matches look for clear and obvious errors in four game-changing scenarios: goals, penalty decisions, red card incidents and mistaken identity. In a recent video, FIFA stated that the new tech is meant to assist referees and "provide fairness in the game." ⚽ #tech #fifa #soccer #tech

"The bubbles of carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages aren't buoyant in a weightless environment, so they remain randomly distributed throughout the fluid, even after swallowing," says NASA. "This means that carbonated beverages including soft drinks and beer may become a foamy mess during space travel." To combat that, French champagne maker Maison Mumm has figured out how to serve the bubbly in microgravity, all thanks to a specialized bottle and serving glass. The bottle is made from glass, but contains a mechanism inside that concentrates the champagne into a droplet of bubbles, which is collected by a ring positioned outside the opening. The champagne can float in zero gravity and be scooped into a special glass for serving. Mumm says this foamy experience magnifies and intensifies the wine's taste. #tech #space #champagne

A new, immersive virtual-reality experience takes you inside the famous secret annex where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis for more than two years during World War II. The official Anne Frank House museum teamed with game developer Force Field VR to re-create the confined quarters inside the old Amsterdam office building where the teen and her family lived from July 6, 1942 until their capture by the Nazis on August 4, 1944. The beginning of the VR tour shows the large swinging bookcase that hid the entrance to the Franks' hiding place. There are family photographs pinned to the walls, makeshift beds with pillows scattered about, piles of books on the floor, and half-written letters laying on top of a desk...where Anne's famous diary sits. #tech #vr #ww2

Finland is known as the home country of the mobile phone (Nokia has its headquarters there) and every August since 2000 the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships are held. The event helps raise awareness for the recycling of mobile phones. Competitors are judged on distance as well as technique, with the winning prize being — you guessd it — a new phone. One winner said his preparation consisted of "mainly drinking." #tech #phones #finland

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