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Our personality has significant power on how we see the world. It is our personality that makes us interpret events in very different ways. A recent study, published in the Journal of Research in Personality suggests that our openness to experience is key to changing how we see the world. The study suggests that people who are open to experience are “more likely to experience certain visual perceptions.” This is what researchers at the University of Melbourne Australia found when they studied 123 volunteers. Explaining the links between openness and creativity, the researchers write that our ability to merge the two images is “like a ‘creative’ solution to the problem presented by the two incompatible stimuli.” #tech #future #progress #awesome #bestof

The Bedol Water Alarm Clock uses no batteries and no electricity. In fact, it runs entirely on water. You only need to replace the water every six months (which is so much easier than replacing batteries — stupid batteries), and you will never have to worry about oversleeping because of a power outage ever again. #tech #clocks #waterpower #gadgets #energy #gogreen #ecofriendly #sleep #amazing #awesome #bestof

Mowing your lawn isn't the most earth-friendly activity (nor is it the most fun activity). Lawnmowers rely on electricity or gasoline, plus they release unhealthy emissions. Until now. Solar lawnmowers may be the next big thing, and mean that you won't rely on electricity or gas each time you need to mow your lawn. #tech #lawnmowers #landscaping #solarpower #ecofriendly #gogreen #gadgets #awesome #bestof

The company iRobot is working on what they call the "Robotic Fabricator," which is a 3D printer that doesn't need any human assistance. Typically, 3D printing involves a considerable amount of human oversight. But this machine, with its robotic arms and sensors, takes away the need for an operator by functioning as both a milling machine and a drill. And get this; the Robotic Fabricator will even be able construct its own parts. Now that is meta. #tech #3dprinting #robots #irobot #technology #roboticfabricator #robotics #thefuture #awesome #bestof

Now even your cell phone can go green. Fairphone smartphones are made with conflict-free materials, and all electronic waste from the phone's production is recycled. But you don't have to sacrifice quality for eco-friendly production; this phone has great features including 2 SIM card slots and 32 GB of memory. GO GREEN! #tech #smartphone #recycled #ecofriendly #gogreen #gadgets #communication #conflictfree #awesome #bestof

This gadget just may be a revolution for the lazy. As part of a Netflix hackathon this past January, a team of engineers came up with the idea of this mind-controlled headband that measures brain signals to choose what you want to watch on Netflix...completely hands-free. Unfortunately Netflix has no current plans to release Mindflix for sale, but we can hope!

If you're an earth-conscious coffee consumer, then this will likely be of interest to you: Bio-Bean is a London-based company that recycles waste coffee grounds into "biomass pellets," or carbon-neutral biofuels and biochemicals. In turn, they can be used for anything from heating buildings to powering transport. The company hopes to turn 85 percent of coffee grounds into fuel, saving money on waste disposal and displacing fossil fuels.

Thanks to @News for letting us share this cool story! There have been decades of failure in making an artificial blood substitute. But now, scientists from the universities of Bristol, Cambridge, and Oxford have isolated and manipulated stem cells in labs to produce red blood cells.Their goal is to make red cells for patients with complex blood types because it can be hard for them to find donors. This synthetic blood is about to go through human trials for the first time! Although there is still a long road ahead for a full-scale rollout of synthetic blood, these developments could possibly change the future of how we save lives. Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. In the U.S. alone, 41,000 donated pints are needed every day and although an estimated 38 percent of the population is eligible to donate blood, less than 10 percent of that eligible population actually do each year.

If you’re sick of commuting to work via the public bus every day, this one might be of interest to you. It's the brainchild of Elon Musk called Hyperloop, which is a transportation system that resembles a train traveling at speeds of more than 600 mph inside of a tube. This would make travel between LA and San Francisco a ridiculous 35 minutes. In Musk's preliminary designs for Hyperloop, the estimated cost of the operation was $6 billion — an entire $3 billion less than the amount already pledged to high-speed rail in California.

Thanks to @News for letting us share this cool story! In 2002, two percent of car sales in Norway were EV. By 2015, that number had risen to 22 percent and is continuing to grow. With such continued success, Norway is planning on selling purely electric vehicles by 2025. The country hopes to place a charging station every 31 miles across all major roadways, which could make driving an electric car a more viable option while also solving some of the anxiety that could be making potential customers reluctant to switch to full electric. In addition, there are very low VAT or purchase tax for EVs sold within Norway, as well as free parking in certain cities, access to bus lanes and low road and ferry tolls.

If you've ever felt like your smart phone wasn't enough, never fear, because Levi's and Google are partnering to bring you the Smart Jacket, a jean jacket that connects with your smart phone via a removable Bluetooth wrist-cuff. The jacket allows you to answer incoming calls, change music, get directions, and more. Bonus: It's even machine-washable.The Smart Jacket is set to be available for purchase this fall for $350.

Thanks to @News for letting us share this cool story! Pretty soon you may be able to eat your water. Whaaaat?! Skipping Rocks Lab's has one goal: to make plastic packaging disappear. Their first product, Ooho!, is a sustainable packaging alternative to plastic bottles and cups, made from a seaweed extract. It is entirely biodegradable and so natural you can actually eat it. Said the company, "Our packaging is cheaper than plastic and can encapsulate any beverage including water, soft drinks, spirits, and even cosmetics."

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