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Teavana  Vibrant, layered tea blends for your flavorful life. Share your tea time 📷 with #teavanalife.

Layers of vanilla, lavender and bergamot - what fall weekend dreams are made of. #earlgreycrème #teavanalife 📷: @bran.don.my.ers

Citrus Lavender Herbal Tea, taking relaxation to the next level with flavors of pineapple, orange and notes of sage. #teavanalife

Recipe for a productive day: A cup of Earl Grey Crème Black Tea with vanilla, lavender and hints of bergamot. 💯 #teavanalife

We’ll provide the tea, you provide the backdrop. #teavanalife 📷: @behind_the_lens114

A passion for fall is in us all.🍁 #teavanalife 📷: @___scg___

Meet our Tea Expert, Amy. She’s an ingredient magician, layering citrus notes and Pacific Northwest mint to give 🍑 Peach Green Tea 🍑 extra pizzazz. #teavanalife

Keeping fall adventures cozy (thanks to cinnamon and hibiscus). 🍂 #teavanalife #officiallyfall 📷: @officiallyquigley

A little Passion Tango magic.✨ #teavanalife 📷: @kalynnelizabethsmith

When your outfit, tea and the season align. #teavanalife 📷: @nuralailalov

Every flavor in its place makes Strawberry Apple Green Tea a refreshing unsweetened delight. #teavanalife

We can see the weekend from here. #teavanalife 📷: @apkrafft

Weekend motto: Summer Forever 😎. #teavanalife 📷: @arylls_table