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Post wed @thinkofastar

@thinkofastar lensed by @truffypi dressed by @yeftagunawan made prettier by @priscillamyrna. Watching from the sideline @tearosewedding

A star is getting married today @thinkofastar with a little help from her friends in the industry @truffypi @yeftagunawan @priscillamyrna @erichmcvey @anggapermanaphoto @tearosewedding

Spent 2 days working alongside these wedding darlings and being reminded how fun it is to do a styleshoot! @thinkofastar @truffypi @yeftagunawan @priscillamyrna @erichmcvey @anggapermanaphoto

A bride is a person who is analogous to the tax system in Indonesia or the religions. This is to say that they are inconsistent, convoluted, difficult and torturous. Dealing with such person requires special knowledge of all their difficult ways. Even with such knowledge, errors are likely and some brides often have a serious random element as you can never be quite sure how they will react when you show them delicate beautiful things.

It might be wondered why people deal with them at all. There are many reasons actually. First, most brides are usually very wonderfully charming and hence people will put up with their complications. It might be the case that they become complicated because they are wonderful being with amazing and spectacular ideas that is sometimes hard to convey. Second, some people (like us) love the challenge of dealing with complicated things and ideas. Just as some people really like dealing with tax codes and others delight in examining numbers. Third, without them there wouldnt be any beautiful wedding with sky's the limit and floating hydrolic stage above the pool is the foundation.

HOWEVER, Very few bride (we call them the rare breed) can be consistent, straightforward while being rather sophisticated with discerning taste. Interacting with these rare breed does not require special knowledge because their ways are not complicated. When mistakes are made, they tend to be very forgiving because they understand that people are imperfect. In short, they are mature, sensible, amazing human beings.

But let's understand to be this rare breed is extremely difficult - amidst all the wedding planning and family drama one needs to develop depth of character, emotional balance, endless patience, and an assortment of mature social skills. And that is just the beginning.

So to all brides out there that are currently dealing with many major dramas involving tears and betrayal and budget cutbacks, We understand. Enjoy being the bride!

Quiet Elegance in each detail @cacatengker @barry.tamin #fromtengkertotamin

perfectly synced details.
Invitation sets by @a.tandean @penseeinvitation #fromtengkertotamin @cacatengker @barry.tamin

Throwback to this beautiful wedding @amanjiwo. Featuring one of the most amazing couple I've known. @cacatengker @barry.tamin #fromtengkertotamin lensed by @theleonardi

And I owe it all to this bride, a super humble yet utterly talented woman. I Sincerely wish you and marcel all the happiness in the world and may you find a Martell for Petty soon. 🍸🍸@peggyhartanto @pegghart @marcelgunawan

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