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Team LH🏅  "You just need to be accepted for who you are and be proud of who you are and that is what I'm trying to do"❤️ I don’t own any photos.

"There's so many people and I am sure for everyone who has a team here, there's so many people in the background that are really the unsung heroes. And it's kind of weird to come up here and to receive this great awards, but it couldn't be done without this great team, so it's been a real privilege to be with Mercedes Benz for the last six years, it's crazy to think that this is my 12th season, but luckily Kimi is staying for another year so I am not going to be the oldest driver. But otherwise we just got to keep pushing, keep trying to raise the bar." ❤️

So I decided that I’ll be posting interesting facts about Lewis every few days to shorten our time of waiting for new f1 season🏎

What was your favorite moment of this season?😍 Mine was definitely German GP. Lewis not only showed that he’s king of the rain there but he also proved what a true champion he is by winning from P14❤️

“I want to be the best at everything I do, not just driving, everything.” ❤️

Wow! I’m so emotional right now. This season has been just magical. @mercedesamgf1 Thank you for all your hard work not just by people in the paddock but also by everyone in the factory. I can’t describe how proud I am of you. I will always love and support this team, no matter what. Go get the rest that you all deserve❤️ And @lewishamilton I don’t know what to say. This year you once again proved that you are a real champion. Not just on the track but also out of it. It amazes me how you can always push your limits. Thank you for being my inspiration. There’s no one else I would rather look up to than you❤️ We win and we lose together. Always and forever!

Big congratulations to @georgerussell63 🎉 Very well deserved! See you in F1👏🏻

“I always remind myself if I’m having a down day because of a bad race it’s not just me. That feeling I’m having is shared by my family, the team and my fans. When we win they feel the joy as well. That’s why I say we win and lose together, and I definitely couldn’t do it without them.” ❤️

Lewis with the boss❤️ “This is the best Lewis Hamilton I’ve seen in the last six years. He has driven better, he has been better out of the car. Very, very complete. His biggest strenght is keeping his calm and holding his nerve. We had times when the car was good enough to win and times when the car was not good enough to win. But he was very stable.” - Toto talking about Lewis ❤️

"When you have won the championship, it is easy to just ride the wave and think it's great. But I am always wanting to raise the bar." ❤️

"In racing there are always things you can learn, every single day. There is always space for improvement, and I think that applies to everything in life." ❤️

One team. One dream. Lots of hard work. I’m still so emotional from yesterday because i’m so proud. This year has been by far one of the hardest because Ferrari was really strong but that’s exactly what I love about this team. Their effort, hard work, passion and the fact that they never give up. No matter what. Congratulations to every single person in the team. You deserve this so much legends❤️ #hifive

No words needed. I just love this team so much. You guys work so hard and there’s no one who deserve this more than you. Well done👏🏻❤️

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