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🚫 Do you use this Belt Grip when you train???
Yes or No??
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Life isn’t a game of progress measured by yards, feet, or Millions of Dollars. ⁣

Most of the time it’s measured by inches. ⁣

These inches count. ⁣

As long as these inches are Moving You Forward And NEVER backward. ⁣

When the times are tough and it seems insurmountable, remember, just KEEP MOVING FORWARD. ⁣

Sometimes the only thing matters is not where you are or what’s in the bank account. ⁣

What counts is the effort and Mindset that you are still in the fight. ⁣

The mindset of never going backwards, but ALWAYS FORWARD. ⁣

- Keep Moving Forward

🌟🌟Link in Bio🌟🌟⁣

Here are some drills to help your Spider Guard Attacks‼️⁣

Hip Connection and Hip Lifting is key. ⁣

The hips are what crest power, tightness, and over all dominance in BJJ. ⁣

Subscribe to my YouTube and check out the full tutorial. ⁣

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🤪 Is this the MOVE OF THE DAY???
What would you name this MOVE??
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These GRIPS are so hard but so beneficial from @unbroken_athletic_care_
Have you tried them yet??
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Do your kids train in Martial Arts??
Yes or No??
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⚽️ Working on the BOSU ball. ⁣

🎥 This is an older vid but gave me some direction for my workout later. ⁣

What are you going to do for a workout today??⁣

- Keep Moving Forward

❌ Good God I found this terrifying!!⁣

You ever imagine yourself in these situations while day dreaming?⁣

What do you do when you daydream??⁣

Surrender to the inevitable DEATH!?⁣

Do you run and think of something inventive that you think would save you??⁣

Do you stop and tell the person your with how much you ❤ them before you die??⁣

Tell me Below what you day dream about??⁣

- Keep Moving Forward

🤣🤣#Repost @powerfuljoerogan
While the rest of the boys are doing #SoberOctober, @eddiebravo10p decided to dive in deeeeper this month 🍄🌳😂
Would alternate dimension Eddie believe his own theories? Or would he just want to talk about girls eating ass? 🤔🍩 _______________________________________

Edited down from "Eddie Bravo vs Breddie Avo" supercut by SHAMIEN on YouTube 🙌 cc: @joerogan @tonyfergusonxt @brendanschaub
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Armbar⁣ ⬇️⁣
Triangle⁣ ⬇️⁣
🕷 From the Spider Guard ⁣
- Keep Moving Forward

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