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This is Crazy!!
I once saw this in elementary school but it only took some notebooks up on the play ground..
What is it called??
- Keep Moving Forward 🎥 @bpoorkar
What the hell? 😱 | Doubletap 😈
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• 📷 Via @ fb/Gabriel Flores

I don’t condone this but will participate in it 😈
- Keep Moving Forward

Is Briar Smelling or Eating the flowers? 🌹 🌸 - Keep Moving Forward

@poetrybyboots - Keep Moving Forward

🌱💪🏼 Plant Powered!!
Check out this MEATLESS recipe in my stories!!!
Want it? Watch my stories!!!
- Keep Moving Forward

Did you know this was a thing!?? Very COOL!
- Keep Moving Forward

Not a single groin kick landed 🤣🤣🤣
- Keep Moving Forward

After Professor Octavio Couto had a Workshop I immediately drilled some improvements he made to my Back Step.
I still am not nailing it but feel the difference in foot work. - Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes that’s all it takes 🤣🤣
What’s your Brand????
- Keep Moving Forward

☹️ Sad Cemetery Find....
One of the things that has brought me much gratitude lately is walking through the Cemetery.
The obvious thing it reminds you of is you’re ALIVE.
Something else is how unimportant you and your thoughts, problems, and obstacles really are.
I know one person that is buried in that Cemetery. I knew some of his thoughts and challenges, beyond that, the hundreds of other bodies there I know nothing of. At some point I’ll be the same meaningless, once alive person with problems to another’s life filled footsteps.
Rambling over. - Keep Moving Forward

Ha. No matter what filter I used I couldn’t make that grey sweaty shirt look any better.. 🤣
50 Reps of each squat variation!
The BOSU’s on top of eachother was the most challenging for sure.
Do you use he BOSU??
- Keep Moving Forward

Congrats to @mke219 @buck.mills @andrew_mahoney_ and Louis (too young for Instagram) on their recent PROMOTIONS!!!! Louis received his Grey Belt.
Made it over the first big hurdle, most people have quit before BlueBelt. Proud of you fellas. - Keep Moving Forward

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