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Teami™ Blends  We create wellness & skincare solutions inspired by the health benefits of tea 💕 It’s not just Tea, it’s a Lifestyle ☕️🍃! #thankyouteami

Sharing a different kind of #teamitransformation this week ☕🍃! @jk4l used our Teami Repair Oil on her hand which was super dry and red. She applied our it daily by just adding a few drops straight onto her skin and these are her before an afters✨! Our oils are not just for your face, but can also be used all over your body to naturally help skin conditions ♥️! If you have any skincare questions, just ask us 👇 and we can recommend which products would be right for you! .

Shop our New Year Sale and save 15% OFF your entire order! Use code NEWYEAR at checkout and get one step closer to your 2019 goals 💪✨ #thankyouteami #teamibeauty #beforeandafter

The whole tea infused skincare gang's here 🍃😍 Which one of these clean, plant-based creations is your favorite and what is on your list to try next? .

Use code NEWYEAR at checkout to save 15% off your order duding our New Year Sale ✨💕 #thankyouteami #teamibeauty #cleanskincare #plantbasedskincare

This creamy, zesty smoothie helps reduce inflammation & detox your digestive system! Includes two of our favorite super ingredients: Ginger & Turmeric 🔶! RECIPE: 🧡 1 cup of non-dairy milk of choice 🧡 1 banana
🧡 1 small-medium orange
🧡 1 small carrot
🧡 1 inch chunk fresh ginger, peeled (or use 1 tsp ground ginger)
🧡 1/4 tsp ground turmeric
Blend until smoothie and pour into your tumbler or any on the go bottle! #thankyouteami #teamirecipe #smoothierecipe

January Giveaway ☕🍃✨ Who wants to win our 30 Day Detox, luxe rose gold tumbler, AND a rose gold Fitbit smart watch 😱⌚?! All you have to do is follow us, tag 2 friends below and enter here --> #thankyouteami #januarygiveaway

Detoxing out toxins from your gut will leave you feeling ✨✨✨! You may not know it, but most people are holding 5-20lbs of EXTRA waste in their bodies 😱! Getting rid of these toxins can help you have more energy and improved digestion! Are you drinking your Teami colon with us tonight 🤔🙋☕🍃?#thankyouteami

Our super cute iridescent mermaid tumblers are FINALLY back in stock on our site🧜‍♀! Make sure to snag your up before they sell out again✨! .

Don't forget it's the LAST day to shop our MLK Day Sale! Save 20% off your favorite Teami items before midnight 💜! #thankyouteami #mermaidtumbler

Hi everyone! Just wanted to write you a little note from me 😍! I want you to remember that the most important person in your life, is YOU✨! Do not neglect your own health and happiness. Get rid of toxic relationships and toxic substances that do not serve you. ✅ Invest in your own happiness + health this year. Future you will thank you 😘 Love, @adiarezzini (have you seen these cute love sleeves in the store yet? What do you think?!) #thankyouteami #investinyou

✨ Detox Tip: the LONGER you steep your Teami Colon for, the better results you're going to have! Why? Because you are getting rid of more toxins! In the beginning it is OK to start off slow, steep for 1-10 minutes and increase from there⏰! How long do you currently steep yours? Share with us 👇! #thankyouteami #januarydetoxchallenge

We love cozying up with a Chai Tea Latte- especially when it's actually healthy 😋☕️️️️️️️️️️️️🍂 You can make this delicious DIY latte for less than 100 calories with our Teami Chai -just add a splash of non-dairy milk and a tad of honey or liquid stevia! #thankyouteami #chailatte

Are you eating foods that are FUELING your body and giving it energy🍅🥦🥑? Everything in this pic is DETOX APPROVED✅! Do you questions regarding you OWN diet?Just ask us 👇 #thankyouteami #detoxdiet #foodisfuel

Our #TeamiTransformation this week goes out to @nettie_alojipan who completed our 30 day detox program and shared her incredible results with us 💪! She not only transformed her body, but she changed her mindset and focused on becoming healthier & more positive! The relationship you have with yourself will forever be the most important relationship you have in life, so making decisions to be happier & healthier is the best thing you can do ❤️! We love the message she is spreading and couldn't wait to share it- to motivate, inspire, and push you to keep going no matter what stage of life you are in! .

Have you ever done a detox ☕️🍃? Do you have any questions for us?! We can't WAIT to hear from you! #thankyouteami #beforeandafter #newyeardetoxchallenge

Two question for ya! Did you drink your Teami Skinny today ☕🍃? What color tumbler did you use 🤔🌈? #thankyouteami #teamitumbler #newyeardetoxchallenge

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