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Ali  Just a mama fooling around with her 3 boys, an iPhone & an entry level Canon.

Oh my Gusness! Well...1 day late with the first day of school pictures for the older 2, and almost 1 week late posting for the 3rd. I would say I have this whole "third kid neglected" thing down. Here we go Pre-K!
PS. We don't really neglect him. We just call it resiliency building.

Attempting my first ever "first day/last day of school" pictures. The guilt of not having the token comparison photos got me this year. Someday I may even involve one of those cute letter boards for them to hold. Who am I kidding; the resistance I got for just these pictures doesn't bode well for any future props or end of the year cooperation.

Ready or I come...(Insert totally unrelated Fugees song that you are now singing in your head.) Third and Second grade. Boom shakalaka. πŸ’₯

Sweet little face of a boy who locked his parents out of the house. Luckily we had reinforcements inside and a stern enough warning to allow us back in...but I think we are in trouble with this one!

The drip. #iphone7

Watching the clouds (and bears) roll in (see stories). After 24+ hours of chaos in our little world, seeking respite in the mountains. #iphone7

Woot woot! Anniversary shenanigans. Hour foot massages, dinner at Food Terminal, tea and coffee break, live jazz at the Velvet Note, and then "who can make the ugliest face at the stop light contest." At dinner we planned our tentative 11 date nights for the year to celebrate 11 years married. I think we will keep each other. 😘

Traditional Tuesday Movie Night. Felt a creature crawl up in my legs and ask for "head scratchels". As you wish...

No caption needed. 🏍

Part 2... #iphone7

Part 1...Just a grandmother soaking her grandkids...#theyaskedforit #notheyreallydid #iphone7

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