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Ali  Just a mama fooling around with her 3 boys, an iPhone & an entry level Canon.

...eating strawberry ice cream before 10am is just as hard.

Strawberry picking is hard y'all. 🍓

Natural selection via body bubbles. (see insta stories). Oh how my mothering standards have

Last day of 2nd and 1st! And no, photo posing is apparently not part of common core.

Expecto patronum! (Or whatever wizardry words kids say these days.) *
PS. It's not lost on anyone that he's wearing a XC shirt that references a fast food joint. #ericsrunnersdothedesign #ihateitbutitswickedsofttosleepin

It's a snow boots on the wrong feet, walking stick, shirtless, rainy kind of morning.

Nine. Oh my's been a wild ride with twists and turns and I wouldn't want to do it with any other first born.

"This is what we do, my mother's life said. We find ourselves in the sacrifices we make."

Mother's Day: when they celebrate how strong you are by getting you gifts saying how weak your muscles look. 😂 *
Let's be honest...second picture will be how these weights will probably be used most of the time.

Paging Dr. August. #4yrcheckup

That time I became a mom a bit earlier than expected and hung with this nugget round the clock for a couple of weeks. *
Apparently I was pouring through videos 8 years ago to make a compilation birthday video and this gem hit me on Facebook memories today. I miss all my newborns. Next week's birthday is going to hit me hard. #feelallthefeels

I can't stop laughing. Scout moving up ceremony. Scaredy bear and wild wolf reporting for duty. #cubscouts

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