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Happy Father's Day!❤️❤️
It's been really yuck (all rainy)here lately so I haven't been able to get pics😕

I apologize for not posting in so long I've been extremely busy😕
I will try to post a lot more often😙
(Her nails aren't as long as they look)

Merry Christmas!
Also I'm sorry that I haven't posted I've been very busy,I'll try to post when I can💜❤️

I'm sorry I haven't posted,I have no photos💁 so enjoy this bad one😂❤️

You can always find hope in a dog’s eyes
Happyyy Friyay

Swimming doggo💦💦💦

Ikk I've posting this before..😂 but I love it sm😂😂

Thank you so much @rileysorganics for letting us review your treats! They were great! And shipped very fast and were delicious!
Baba loved them! We will definitely be buying from you in the future!!💕
(Btw the white spot on her face was sand😂)
Use code "BABA10 for 10% @dog.gone.bandanas

Everyone meet baba my 3y/o female rescued beagle mix
She's very photogenic and cute😉
She's very sweet as well!
So enjoy her being on this acc!!!

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