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Instagram is being a bitch and not uploading so I've attempted this post so many times. Anyway, just wanted to say ily all, I'm super grateful for the patience and support you have for me. It's amazing how kind most of you are towards me. Thank you so much. I'll be back properly in the New Year. I may be back a couple of times just to check on you guys or whatever but if not and I don't get to say it, have a great Christmas everyone! Ty Mariah for keeping this account active. Here's one of my favourite manips ever and how I first discovered @endgqme and her talent. Love you Nati! - Liv♡ (Ps: idc about jillie drama, sorry)

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How can someone be this beautiful😭-mariah💘

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Shade?... ☕️-Mariah💘
(It’s Finns friend that posted this)

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Missing you guys so much😪 I'll be back soon 💓 - Liv

Someone should just hop into my dms because I’m #bored💀- Mariah💘

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This picture is my favorite picture omg!!😭HIS MOM LMAOO💀-Mariah💘

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I'm honestly so grateful for you all and you truly mean the world to me. I know it's so easy to just say something like that but I hope you know I really mean it. I haven't got much in my life to keep me happy right now but you guys do. With that being said, I know how stupid it may sound to be taking a break, but I really think it's important for me to focus on myself with as little distractions as possible. I haven't really looked after myself for a while and I need to. Thank you @millsismysmile for everything you've said to help me, it means a lot. You're a great friend. I'll open the other messages once i'm back. Anyway, bye fr now guys, love you so much.❤ I'm sure Mariah will keep the account active while I'm gone, don't worry. - Liv💕

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I'm taking a break. The only thing I see atm is people saying how dead the fandom is now that there's no new content and it's kinda true tbh. I have a lot going on in my life right now anyway and the lack of content just gives me less motivation to post. I'm never gone long when I take breaks, but I'm still not certain when I'll be back. So yeah... bye😚 - Liv♡

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