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Team Cook Fitness, LLC  Husband and Wife duo Jeff & Marianne Cook providing Customized Personal Training, Nutritional Guidance, Contest Prep/Posing, and Perinatal Fitness 💪🏼🏆

NEW *LIMITED EDITION* SHIRTS are on the way!! These were specially designed for Jeff’s #ProDebut coming up next month to encompass all the #sacrifice, #hardwork, and emotions that go along with prep. Proceeds go towards pro entry fees (and cheat meal afterwards, to which everyone is invited☺️)
These are very limited so once they’re gone, they’re gone! Sizes S-2XL available, $20 each.
“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”
Joshua 1:9
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Sorry for blowing up everyone’s feed tonight but I got home a few minutes ago to find this on the front porch! Gotta love a 1 day turn around! If you ordered in supplements or need anything shoot us a message and let us know so we can get it out to you ASAP or see if we have any already in stock!
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Another packed bootcamp and another BURNER workout! Stay tuned this week for some more shout outs, personal records, and success stories!!!

Another awesome session with @tracieeubank and my perfect side kick!

My man @milehighthunder_300 rolling into finals in first place like it’s no big deal. #whenteamcookcrossfits

Another awesome bootcamp crew to start the weekend off great!!! Major ups to a few regulars this morning for hitting some@new PRs! @pat_holo626 hit a new low weight this morning that puts him at a total of 30 pounds since January 1!!! Oh and also for his excellent singing entertainment during class! Next is @michallongleonard who is down 30 pounds since the birth her second baby 12 weeks ago! MAJOR props to @thelongfour for conquering her fear of box jumps today! Another one for @kdy_the_lady for hitting her first THIRTY INCH box jump!!! It’s always an awesome experience to see this group push themselves to new limits and accomplish things they never though they would!!!

365 days ago, started working with us to bring her best physique to date to the stage. In two weeks, we plan to do just that at the @ocbportcityclassic!
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My man is dialing it in right these last few weeks. Time to dig deep and separate the men from the boys.

A lot people these days hate eating Whole Foods bc they don’t taste good, or bc they don’t have time to cook, or bc of some other excuse. In my opinion it is bc we have lost the art of cooking in this country due to the convenience of fast food chance and always being on the go. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the morning bc I enjoy cooking and it taste amazing. By no means am I a chef (even though I am a cook 🤣 see what I did there?) but I have learned through bodybuilding and eating healthy that if I make the time to cook my food and build a routine I can not only get in done in a reasonable amount of time and stay healthy, but I can also save a TON of money. I made these egg and oat pancakes in less than 11 minutes this morning and they taste great. There is nothing wrong with some flexibility here and there, but if you are eating with flexibility in your diet and you aren’t measuring or tracking your food, you are basically driving down the road with no speedometer and a broken fuel gauge. Learn to cook and enjoy the process. Do your research and learn how weigh your food correctly, learn how to track your calorie intake and your macros, and trust the process.

@michallongleonard getting after a nasty metcon tonight at the end of a heavy push workout! Oh and let’s not forget that she is ONLY 11 WEEKS POST PARTUM!!!!!

Blessed to be able to work as much as I do and still have a wonderful wife and children at home who support me. I use to hate working until closing time when I worked at workout anytime bc it felt like a burden. Today I leave work and lock up feeling blessed to have the ability to do what I love, and the client base to allow me the opportunity to help them@change their lives. #Itsnitalwaysasbadasitseems

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