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Team CrossFit JST  The first British team at the @CrossFitGames. #TheBritishAreComing Sponsored by: πŸ”Ί@ReebokUK πŸ“±@tech21official

It's time.
We may not be frequently updating social media for the next four days, we have our attention elsewhere.
Please visit or @crossfitgames for any and all information, including timings, heats, events and how to watch.
The first event starts in just under 3 hours.


It's been amazing to feel so welcome in Wisconsin. A beautiful state in a great country, Wisconsin has given us the perfect backdrop to prepare, acclimatize and train.
But the lakes, gyms and natural backdrops have only been a small part of why the buildup has been great.
The people of Wisconsin have been so welcoming. No more so than Dirk from @crossfitrecursive.
Friendly, caring and approachable, Dirk, Nikole and the entire #CrossFitRecursive team have given us a place to train here in Madison.
We can't thank you guys enough and hope you enjoy the week!

Community βœ…
Competition - Tomorrow.
T-minus 1



History tells us that uniform is important. From spartan gladiators and roman armies to national teams and charity bike rides, we LOVE feeling part of the same tribe.
Colours, decoration and symbols have become so important when pursuing big goals as they instantly represent and trigger emotion in the beholder.
For regionals, people all over the country united behind the red, white and blue. The support at home and in the stadium was felt by the athletes on the floor.
For the games, we're proud to share the official supporters gear thats available on the Reebok UK website.
The red, white and blue remain, but there are some additions.
On the shoulders stand two symbols we feel strongly about:
The lion is synonymous with British sport. A big heart with a loud roar, the lion is strong, deadly and protective of its cubs and family.
The JST crest on the opposite shoulder represents the leading gym in the U.K., leading the charge for British @crossfit on the world stage.
The hashtag has changed. We are now here.
And finally, the number 7.
There's always a myth that roams around sport. The twelfth man at the NFL is always the lift the crowd gives the team on the field.
There will be six British athletes on the floor at Madison, being outnumbered by other nations from 37 other teams.
But across the globe at home and abroad, we're hoping our 'seventh athlete' - YOU - will outnumber them all.
Wear it with pride, shout at the telly and get the popcorn ready.
T-minus 3 days.


Team CrossFit JST doing their thang @crossfitgames #BigBob #team β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’
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@reebokuk #bemorehuman
@tech21official #crossfitgames #madison @nucoa.nutrition @jst_competeprogramming
Thanks to @crossfitrecursive for letting us come down and train

When your partner lets one rip at the start of a big set.
@meglovegrove @steveyf22

"The trophy is earned in the hours that no one is watching" πŸ† -------------------------------------------
5 days.... @crossfitgames πŸ“Έ: @jonpaynephoto
@reebokuk @tech21official @jst_competeprogramming @nucoa.nutrition #bemorehuman #tech21 #crossfitgames #team #crossfit #jstcompeteprogramming

The final day in West Bend before heading to Madison.

Swinging into Thursday with @tntadventureoc!

Big thanks to Joe & the team for running us through some obstacle racing.
Playing around with some monkey ropes and swinging bars was mega fun.
@bicepslikebriggs, @jgreenewod and @ellsimmo93 showed us the way too! πŸ™Œ


Totally underestimated today's workout πŸ€”
9-6-3 bar muscle ups
Sled push between each set relay style x 2 ...........................................
#8days #crossfitgames
@reebokuk #bemorehuman @tech21official #teach21 @nucoa.nutrition @jst_competeprogramming #jstcompeteprogramming
#crossfit #gymnastics #barmuscleup #sledpush
@oakleywoodhouse @jayneeadie @meglovegrove @steveyf22 @jakcornthwaite @benjyblake

Loving the look of @thedavecastro's post regarding the o-course, wonder if rope climbs will be involved?

Stars, Stripes, Stairs & Swimming.

Day 2 in the USA.
Can you guess the workout we did this morning? The @ReebokUK Harmony Racers and @Tech21Official phone case were great for the job.

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