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I have one word for this... IMPRESSIVE🙌🙌! @team_atrain online client @kevinburnem ATTACKS the peg wall easier than I've EVER SEEN ANYONE DO IT👏👏!!! Not just making it to the top, but to come back down with suck control💪! The reason for training like this... WHY NOT?! Training should be FUN👌! Find something that sparks your interest and add it in. Trust me, the feeling of accomplishment is one you won't believe! #teamatrain

At some point in your transformation you're going to start question things-Do I look any different🤔? Will I EVER reach my goal? Did progress stop? Is it worth it😫? STOP🤚!! Look back at where you started! @team_atrain online client @jonandersvag has made awesome progress because he NEVER stopped🙌! He also wouldn't let former #teamatrain client @jogenva and brother have the upper hand. Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to keep things fresh and fun!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication Jon! Been a pleasure to work with you and your family! #teamatrain

A TRUE BENCHMARK OF STRENGTH💪 The unassisted pull-up is one of the MOST EMPOWERING movements to conquer no matter if you're male or female. @team_atrain online clients @sarah4fitnesss and @mrkdes crushing their reps and fighting for every last one! #teamatrain

TALK IS CHEAP! A cliche statement I get it😬, but do you realize how many people SAY what they want to do - yet NEVER accomplish those things😖?! When it comes down to getting uncomfortable and REALLY having to put in the TIME, EFFORT, and WORK required, MOST AREN'T WILLING TO DO IT😔. My point☝.. the best things in life DO NOT come easy, and if you're willing to push through the tough times - because they ARE going to be there - you'll realize that the END RESULT WILL ALWAYS BE WORTH IT🙌🙌! #teamatrain

NO ONE THINKS YOU'RE A "BADASS" FOR EATING FISH AND ASPARAGUS ALL DAY. Someone had to say it 🤓. Guys, suffering through a diet is a CHOICE.. and unfortunately it's a choice that I've made before🙈! And guess what... you don't get extra shredded or magically burn more calories by eating bland food... You might get a little extra bitchy though🙊. @team_atrain online clients @beca_velasco, @mo_reesse, @monicajannie and Victor (No IG) coming up with some killer choices for meals that are anything but bland! WAY TO KEEP IT FUN GUYS! 👏#WeEatOnThisTeamBRUH #TeamAtrain

🐰 HAPPY EASTER 🙌 @team_atrain
I'm going to get a tad emo, so bear with me team🙏... even through all the hardships I experienced as a kid, Easter was that ONE day, I was free. To have my parents set up an egg🥚 hunt, to have the family all smiles and put aside their differences. Those are memories I'll cherish forever!
So I just want to say THANK YOU 🤝 to the Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles out in the world making today SPECIAL for for the generations to come. In today's age, a little hope and happiness can go a long way. ❤️💯 #onelove #happyeaster #teamatrain

The KEY🔑 to continue improving is to CONTINUALLY LEARN! 🤓📚
Long term @team_atrain online client @caseypriz is clearly no stranger to the gym. I mean dude has a killer physique, he trains hard, yet he's still willing to always get better on every aspect of his training💪. And THAT is why he's constantly improving - he's never satisfied with what he knows so he'll just keep on growing. SO MUCH respect for that🙏! Casey, thanks for giving this dip variation from my YouTube a try, you did me proud brotha! #teamatrain

SET GOALS...SMASH THEM...and get EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT!@team_atrain online client @gravy777 was never afraid to follow his own path. Things aren't always going to fall into place but BE DIFFERENT and do it anyway! Jason, you always made your goals a priority and it's been awesome to see you stay hungry and FIGHT for them! I'm stoked to see what's to come for you brotha because you set the bar high which is where it should be. #teamatrain

HOW MANY SONGS DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE BOOTY😆? Lol seriously, tons right? Everyone is a sucker for a great butt🍑! @team_atrain online client @caitlenschmidt showing one hell of a creative way to focus on the SQUEEZE👏👏!!!! I love that she's using a t-bar to help her drop it LOW! Thanks for the killer variation Caitlen, keep the booty gainz coming! #teamatrain

WHY DOES CEREAL MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER😍?!?! @team_atrain online client Jane (No IG) took an already awesome banana cream pie and threw some Lucky Charms on top! WHY? Because cereal isn't just made for a bowl! Thank you Jane for sharing this in all its glory! Not sure I even want to try for fear of eating like 3 dozen!🙊#teamatrain

WHO COULD WANT MORE THAN BOOTY AND CORE!?!? 😂🍑@team_atrain online client @fearless_mami literally working her ASS off on the smith machine! Elizabet always amazes me with her drive, energy, and sheer determination doing it ALL even as a business owner and full time mom! Elizabet, like so many of the #teamatrain ladies, you represent what TRUE STRENGTH really is!💪 #teamatrain

LEARNING IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT🙌!! Cheesy as the saying may be, "The only dumb questions are the ones you don't ask..." it COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE MORE APPROPRIATE in my world! What's the point in transforming your body if you're not learning how to maintain it🤔? I appreciate how @team_atrain online client @salemal7rmi_ ALWAYS wanted to understand where he was, where things were going, and most importantly WHY! Salem, I'm happy to see where you've at in life and what you've learned in our time together. Wishing you and your new bride all the best🙏! #teamatrain

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