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Be the SUPERHERO your kids look up to💪!
The bond between a father and his sons is undeniable🙏, and seeing @team_atrain online client @allen6524 with his boys deadlifting like one big happy family - I CAN'T HELP BUT SMILE😁! That is the DREAM man! Bob, you are one HELL of a role model for those boys🙌🙌. I love seeing every pic of them playing baseball, organizing fundraisers, and idolizing Dad all the way. You're raising some strong young men Bob, hats off to you for being such an involved and dedicated father and ROLE MODEL👌🙏!

INDOOR CARDIO CAN GO TO HELL! WHY people insist on ALWAYS doing their cardio indoors, I just don't understand. How you can give an ALL OUT EFFORT on a damn hamster wheel is beyond me... stop lying to yourself 😬. @team_atrain online client definitely Jason (no IG) has the right idea👌! One week into his plan and he's already pounding the pavement, taking advantage of the warm weather and killer scenery to get in a run🏃🏻💨. WHY? Cause it feels DAMN GOOD to have some sun on your face and some wind in your hair. Even try hitting some hills for intervals. Train in a way that simply makes you HAPPY! Love seeing you starting off your plan on the right foot Jason, keep on going brotha🙌🙌!

I HONESTLY love having the chance to connect with my team, learn about them and learn FROM them... why I have them check in with me so frequently👌! @team_atrain online client @m.garcia228 has a way of being so transparent, honest and RAW in his emails - good days and bad! This one really hit home Marcelino, its just so TRUE🙌🙌! Every day we train isn't going to be a stellar day, but what matters is that you show up☝️! Such a great message for all of us brotha! Proud of you for staying true to your goals and making it happen💪!

If you're dealing with lower back pain... LISTEN UP☝️! Its not always about cutting out deadlifts... some times its a matter of STRENGTHENING YOUR CORE👌! The stronger your core, the more supported your spine becomes! @team_atrain online clients @jooeeo and @m_iguelhernandez know the ropes when it comes to working those transverse abs to build strength and stability🙌🙌! The balance in Joe's variation fires up the transverse abs (along with some great oblique work!) Miguel's option helps build that mind-muscle connection when you focus on PRESSING YOUR LOWER BACK into the pad👊. Trust me - you'll feel it👌! These things are SO KEY to protecting your lower back. Train safe!!!🙌🙌

The feeling of VICTORY🙌🙌!
How's THIS for a non-scale victory☝️?! @team_atrain online client @monicajannie hit a MAJOR benchmark in her fitness life. For the FIRST TIME EVER, she ditched the assisted dip machine, and took to the bars on her own... and knocked out 6 CLEAN REPS👏👏👏!!! Monica said her heart was dancing when she was done, and can't tell you how much that made me smile😁! Watching people discover their own strength just never gets old🙏! Monica thank you so much for sharing this, you are AMAZING!🙌🙌

Did this get your ATTENTION TOO😍?!
I had to STOP✋️ and find out what this GIANT PILE of goodness was all about😋! @team_atrain online clients @beca_velasco and @mo_reesse come up with some CRAZY meal ideas like this one that's packing at TON of fiber🙌🙌! Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, ground beef, cheese, barbecue sauce and SRIRACHA MAYO! DAMN veggies have never sounded so good! Nice work you guys👏👏!

To be better, to get stronger, to go further🙌. It's easy to lose sight of the fact that someone else's victory is not your defeat, and seeing someone else struggle isn't your triumph. The cardio bunnies, the bros, the people curling in the squat rack, were ALL trying to do something positive for ourselves👏👏. Its all about self improvement and remembering that WE ALL STARTED SOMEWHERE! Don't be afraid to give a spot or give some advice, let's make the environment enjoyable for all🙏. I see you out there - and I respect your grind!

Life is BEST SPENT somewhere in the MIDDLE of EVERYTHING🙌❤️. Having focus is UNDENIABLY important... ☝️BUT giving too much focus to one thing will leave you burnt out in the end😔. Maybe you need some balance in your DIET, in your SOCIAL LIFE, between the things you're OBLIGATED to do and the things you LOVE to do🙏. @team_atrain online client @meggymay20 showing some beautiful balance through yoga - something MANY Team Atrain clients also enjoy! I feel it's so supportive to their wellness that they balance out the aggressive power of lifting with the flexibility and control of yoga 🙏. Much respect!


There's a reason why squats are THE KING OF THE BOOTY🍑... they f**king WORK! Enough with the BS about being bad for your knees and back. MODIFY☝! You have COUNTLESS variations to find what suits YOU, respects your injuries and still gives you the GLUTE FIRE🔥🔥🔥! @team_atrain online client @caitlenschmidt using a smith machine and a bench and you CAN'T TELL ME that this looks any less effective!

CAN THERE POSSIBLY BE ANYTHING BETTER THAN SEEING SOMEONE GO FROM UNCOMFORTABLE TO REALLY F*CKING HAPPY⁉️ Like DAMN Stephanie, I can't help but smile along with that cheesy grin😁! @team_atrain online client @stefanie_dalessandro found this incredible sense of freedom now. Not only with her body but her relationship with food and balancing out life. This crazy energy just comes screaming out of her and that only comes with the confidence of knowing SHE BUSTED HER ASS to reach this point! Stephanie, I love your crazy unfiltered check ins almost as much as I love seeing you standing there looking so PROUD! You did it girl!

For the life of me... I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE INSIST ON DOING WEIGHTED AB WORK! 😕🔪😖..... Maybe you're reading this and you're already getting on the defensive (because I know SOMEONE is😬), but sit back for a moment, pull the feather out of your A** and listen up. Muscles get bigger or smaller, they DO NOT TONE✋!!! No matter what you heard out in that bro science world! What do you think you're doing when you add weights to your ab work🤔?! YOU'RE MAKING YOUR WAIST BIGGER😱! @team_atrain online client @tkay.official gets it. This is something I preach to every single one of my clients. Taylor is no exception as he is showing some great strength and control with his side plank variation, NO WEIGHTS, and he's OBVIOUSLY feeling the burn. Awesome work Taylor🙌🙌!

As much as we'd all like to think we don't care about the opinions of others... we do. It's human nature😏. There can be a lot of FEAR😱 associated with guys taking their shirt off in public, or being in a bikini for girls like @team_atrain online client @meggymay20 mentions. We're afraid PEOPLE WILL STARE, we're afraid people will pick apart our bodies in the same way we may do for ourselves😔. That's a legit fear! When you find the point that you're truly comfortable and confident in your skin - there's just NO BETTER FEELING🙌🙌! Meghan, I'm so happy to help give you that peace of mind... YOU DESERVE IT!!! Strut your stuff and show off that hard work 🙂

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