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Bostin Loyd  TEAM3CC Family Man 1st Online Trainer Specializing in Nutrition & Enhancements WWW.BIGDADDYB.COM NO DMs Contact Info: @apalumbo91💍

Who looks better on TRT? Matt "DNP" Porter OR Bostin "Bum Thyroid" Loyd? LOLOL

We FINALLY got our Credit Card processors back and running for my 3CC Supplement line.....we changed the URL to
For those of you that have tried my products known that my Pre-Workout 3CC Juice and Crank pills are in a league of there own... before anyone asks yes they have the same exact ingredients as before nothing has changed....Coupon code "PREGNANTSEX" for 11% off!! LINK IN MY BIO!!!

Conditioning wins shows fellas.... #teamnosoggyglutes #nofilter

This photo was taken a couple months ago after a short 4 week recomp diet and practicing what I preach... no dairy/gluten and keeping carb portions low with each meal to ensure proper digestion... I think one or the biggest issues these days is people burning out eating massive amounts of food each meal(I have fallen into that trap before) the most crucial thing is sticking to a routine that you can follow year around.... never let your bodyfat creep to high and stay motivated... I know my pec tear and stomach look terrible for all the haters LOL

Quick 8 week prep for @thierryjac he stays lean year around so makes my job easy come contest time... already helped turn 1 mens bikini pro thie year late see what I can do... these guys are so much easier to work with then bodybuilders if anything they like seeing the scale go down... they have one goal in mind and that's to be as peeled as possible.... I been working with Thierry a long time and after this show I'm going to have this guy explode into a very good classic competitor next year.. I'll keep everyone updated on his rebound....#mensbikiniguru #LOLOLOL

#Repost @apalumbo91 (@get_repost)
Bostin had mentioned this Chicken company that ships grilled frozen chicken and at first I was like that sounds gross how would it even be good after being defrosted? Also would it get to us in time to be fresh still? He said he heard it was really juicy even after being defrosted and that we should give it a shot. & we did !
@thechickenpound is the shit. Honestly their chicken is so tender and juicy it’s so easy to eat. They use chicken that has No antibiotics, cage-free, hormone-free, and fed all-vegetarian diets. They soak the chicken in their homemade low-sodium marinades. They let those flavors set in and throw them on their charcoal grills!🤤🤤😋 Once they get them perfect, they portion and flash-freeze them!
We live in FL where the temp gets pretty hot and our last order came in still frozen ! ( swipe➡️) They can go from frozen to right in the microwave and still be juicy. It’s really worth giving them a shot !
Me and Bostin don’t believe in promoting bullshit or overly promoting but we really would like to give them a shoutout.
This is their cilantro lime chicken with some roasted red potatoes in a garlic butter sauce 😋
The cilantro lime 🍃teriyaki and lemon 🍋herb flavors are my favorite! If you guys want 10% off use code use —> Bostin10 😎

Filming with @enhancedathlete in 2017.... I have to tell you there is a rare few of genuine people in the industry and Tony is one of them... you won't here anything bad about the guy that is for damn sure.. he is always trying to include me in his adventures but I'm a hermit and can't leave my habitat but it is always much appreciated him reaching out to me.. he paid for all my blood work/testing and wouldn't let me spend a dime when he was out here... maybe one day if your ever back in Florida we can shoot some more juicy content:)

Was trying to watch this video but I got distracted from the spotter with a huge gut and massive kankles... who is the kankle monster? LOL

Getting all my ducks in line before I go into lockdown mode.... I'm already excited for the New Year:)

Getting Baby Jaxtin comfortable with the gym for the first time... he saw me doing cable bicep curls and started crying LOL... my parents basically raised me in the gym it was all I knew... he will obviously have a slightly different upbringing as we do not own a Franchise Gym (my parents owned a Golds gym from the time I was born up until I was 7-8 years old)... lots of people ask me if I will try and get him to train and the answer is absolutely not... I will let him choose to do whatever he wants and I will support him 100% to make sure he is successful at whatever he does choose to do... I will not hide anything from my son either...he will know exactly what I do and why I do it.... hopefully it will turn him off and will do something more meaningful in his life... we like what we like plain and simple.... I tell people all the time I consider myself a loser.... I am obsessed with my body to the point where I have to inject random drugs and stay on a strict routine 24/7 that is not something to be proud about but I cannot help my passion and drive... it's what keeps me going each day.. without it I'd be one miserable person....

I would have to say @lifting_sets_you_free has been my most consistent client since I have started in 2013.... she has NEVER missed 1 check in since we started 1.5 years ago.... these set of pictures are from her very first check in with me till May of this year(a little over a year of working with each other).....she is not a competitor and would smash 99% of these fake ass chicks competing for attention and social media bragging rights....we first had to diet her down then utilize a rebound... the key with females is keeping their sensitivity high and not trashing their hormones with low fat diets(if you do no longer then a couple weeks coming into a show is only exception).... if you think fats are crucial for a Male they are even more crucial for women as they are alot more delicate.... this is a big reason you see a chick compete then turn into a beached whale within a week or two(hormones and binging)... women respond wayyy better to "supplements" then males as well so there is absolutely no need to push the envelope.. coaches who push massive amounts or drugs on women just dont know nutrition and are simply guinea pigging women....after a couple mini diets to re-sensitize Olivia and then utilizing a rebound she has been able to put on lots of lean muscle while staying lean and feeling great.. my question every week to my clients is "how are u feeling? Is everything digesting well?" P.S I do not train fitness chicks so no inquiries-- I only take on Couples trying to get in shape... and no @apalumbo91 does not have me by the balls I just prefer not to analyze and train women in bikini's---their are many others coaches out there that will make that a priority tho it's just not my gig as most women do this simply to get attention....

One of my favorite pictures so far... you can tell where he got those perfect lips from haha... #mommyandson #lipgenetics

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