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New video posted link in my bio!!!

Can't tell you how proud of I am of client @xeper840... this is a 1 year transformation... I could have posted his 12 week progress photos from his offseason to now(after a hard 12 week cut) and really blew your minds but I want to show everyone the bigger picture which is consistency... in a year Caysen has not missed any check ins that I can remember... he started with me a soft 208... now he is a razor sharp 221 lbs.. he has put on more then 20 lbs of lean tissue under my wing... I rarely have clients that stick with me a full year without them losing motivation and having some sort of long hiatus... then u hear from them months later with a new goal... it's hard to find individuals that are consistent these days... everyone wants a quick fix...usually if a client is not gaining a massive amount of weight in a short period of time OR losing weight at a fast rate they aren't happy n they lose motivation and fall off... I think thats another reason this idiot coaches feed their clients straight junk is because it keeps the client happy as the weight keeps packing on with water and fat and then u lose appetite and you HATE life... keep a consistent lifestyle you can obtain everyday of the year... let the small changes each week add up to amazing progress in a long period of time and have fun doing it... Caysen doesnt compete either he just wanted to see how far he could push his body and I love that mentality....give him a follow for his epic rebound:) he is a super responder #livethelifestyle

Lots of people have been asking me about this assclown lately so I feel like I will finally address it... first off I want to let people know he is now offering online coaching---so if you want kankles bigger then your quads, gain a lb of back pimples, and blow out your waist he is your guy!! LOL... cmon man your not in any state of mind to mentor and train kids that's just silly... not to mention the lack of knowledge... your a typical dumb bodybuilder with midget genetics that have listened to "gurus" your whole life... you have went thru 3 supplement companies the last year, blew thru 2 coaches that had your best interest in mind AND you gave yourself 2 nickname's in the last couple months.... first it was "the body" then it was "the mutant" ---- just for you I'll give you a real nickname that fits you "the refrigerator" HAHA.... as you guys know he backed out of USA's 2 weeks out and I confirmed from a solid source that Matt (creep face) Jansen stole him from Dominick Cardone 2 weeks out.... Nick started venting to him and that shitbag as usual scooped him... which if Nick had any brains he woulda finished the show under his coach because he would have spanked Casper... you dont just ghost on your coach 2 weeks out who genuinely cares about you.. if u need to vent communicate with your coach!!! Casper is known for reaching out and trying to steal competitors he feels are pro card worthy as it will help his resume so he can scam more average fellas... so that's that guys... shitbags stick together I guess LOL

So many people have messaged me asking how life is now that me and Ariella have a baby in the picture... many thought I'd fall off track and life would get hard.... I tell people the same thing... I tell them everything is perfect because of one thing... the women I am with... Ariella is not only stunning on the outside but she is the best mother I could absolutely ask for.. if it wasnt for her I would be FUCKED....the bond her and Jaxtin have is absolutely beautiful to watch.... I say with 100% confidence that Jaxtin has bright future because of how loved he is... I can't wait to see our family grow in more ways then one... I know how hard it is for Ariella to not workout and let her body soften up a bit but she knows its only temporary.. she consumes foods throughout the day that benefit milk production and nothing goes into her body that would ever harm Baby J.... I love you Baby you make it all happen.... #love #family

No magic filters today because I was able to catch some good sunlight at my moms house LOL.... I left my comfort zone today and actually went in the pool and spent some time Ariella and Baby J.... I think I need to start making this a weekly habit... sometimes it's hard to leave your comfort zone but well worth it in the end... #family


Got to meet up with Spill Viz @phil_viz I told him he will keep that nickname until he redeems himself and comes in peeled head to toe LOL... got to meet @luke_the_hulk as well... what a future that guy has in the next few years... I'm expecting big things from you guys!!! It was nice to socialize with you guys as that is a rarity for me!!!

Started putting gear into my forearms its painful as fuck but it makes me smile knowing I'm stretching dat fascia:)

I'm going to leave this fool gaping now LOL

Another post or mine taken down by IG.. to bad Facebook left all my shit up LOL... not sure how this video violates any terms no names were mentioned.....

For everyone wondering that cycle was designed by AJ "Cookie Cutter" Sims he sends the same bullshit out to everyone... #cookiecuttersims #teamclowns

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