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Trish Chong  Love stories and honest portraiture. Believer. Mama of three ✨// @tealilyweddings // @lifecapturedinc


Not only did her brother put her to bed last night but she slept alllll through the night 😱. Counting my blessings and almost forgot what an uninterrupted night of sleep feels like ✨✨✨✨✨✨!! #35mm #thisfilmlife @mabokids #filmisnotdead

He cares for her like I never expected. Sure he chopped off those locks while playing hairdresser a couple of weeks ago, but only after a few days of wanting to help dress her, wash her hair, brush it, and tie it up...so no hard feelings after the initial I'm-not-quite-sure-what-to-feel shock. It's been a long day and after Joel came home from work I tagged him in to put the kids to bed. Sure enough the screams ensued from the littlest and the middle one did his fair share of whining for good measure. As I lay in bed next door the noise suddenly stops and all is calm. Joel comes out of the room 20mins later and tells me that Jesse decided to take over the role of putting them to bed. He stayed with Mimi in her cot till she slept, and checked on Luke until he drifted off too. Not without a few sighs at the length of the process, but damn he makes my heart so full sometimes! ✨#thisfilmlife #35mm #storiesfromhome

The past month has felt like a bit of a holiday - a break from social media and the torrent of subconscious messages that come along with the game. I've spent time enjoying my little beauties, redesigning my website with @supplypaperco (can't wait to share soon!), and feeling reinvigorated by books, good conversation, and a few life saving rolls of film. On a side note - I have no idea where Jesse picked up his "model face" but it's either that or superhero poses these days so I'll take what I can get 🙈 #thisfilmlife #portra400 #35mm #myloves

This incredible glowing mama @natmarie captured on Polaroid. So thankful for my work which brings me here - to celebrate life and love in all its magical beauty 🙏🏼 #tealilyfamilies #thefountcollective #film

My mama and my mini ❤️

Happy faces and happy me because my net is fixed and I went a little upload crazy⚡️😁 #tealilyfamilies

My internet has been down for the most part of the last 10 days, with another 10 days to wait. Feels like some kind of forced holiday for someone who works from home any chance I get. Despite the frustration at my lack of productivity, it's been nice to have a good excuse for earlier nights, less noise, and more energy and mind space for new ideas and rhythms. Hope you find some time to disconnect this week too.. 🌿 xo

What breakfast usually contains. Except today when they woke up extra early, got their sister out of her cot, and fixed her a bowl of raw sugar with a little dusting of rooibos tea for flavour 😱 #neverrunoutofmilk #theygetcreative #lessonlearned

That sweet circle of life 💕 #tealilyfamilies

Lately all I've been trying to do is bottle up her delightful littleness... #pausebuttonplease 😭

Hashtag mum life. But who can complain when the object of your energy and affection is that cute! 🐒 #tealilyfamilies

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