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Stephanie Rodriguez  Tea notes and photos from daily sips, adventures, and trips. All photos original. #teajournal 🐦 @teajournal 💌 teajournalist@gmail.com

Commemorating National Tea Day with a cup of @ElmwoodInnFineTeas Indian Chai. ☕🌸 What's in your cup today? #teajournal #cherryblossom #chai

Loving that the late afternoon light is lasting longer and longer as the season slowly changes.✨ New recipe coming soon to the blog. 🌿 #teajournal #matcha

Experimenting with tea-dyed eggs ahead of Easter. This time around, I used black tea, jasmine green, an herbal berry blend, and a turmeric herbal blend. I like the resulting orange color of the black tea the most, I think!🥚🐣🌿 #teajournal #eastereggs

✅ Tea
✅ Chocolate
✅ Flowers
✅ Baby napping

Taking a few minutes during the quietest time of the day to stop and celebrate the twenty-nine years of life that I've lived thus far and feeling very thankful. How much love can one person be surrounded by! Not even this head cold that I'm fighting is going to put me in a bad mood. 😏 Next, to try and sneak in a nap...
🌿Sipping on Yunnan Gold via @AdagioTeas.
#hbdtome #treatyoself #teajournal #adagioteas #myadagio #🎂

To commemorate #WorldWaterDay today, I attempted to complete @NumiOrganicTea's Seven Gallon Challenge to use less than this amount of water throughout my day. 💦 This is the amount allotted to those dealing with the extreme drought in South Africa and millions around the world don't have access even to that much. I had trouble staying under seven gallons, realizing that some of my appliances use much more than that just to wash one load of clothes or dishes. By six thirty, I had passed the limit, even after using water sparingly. 😬

Even though fresh water often feels like a unending resource, conserving every little bit counts. Whether it's through bigger actions like purchasing a water friendly washing machine or smaller ones like turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth, it all adds up.

Purchasing from companies that support water conservation efforts and expansion programs is another small way to help. Companies like @NumiOrganicTea are using their resources and influence in developing countries to expand water accessibility through the #4H2ope initiative and are changing lives along the way. 🌿

What ways have you found to conserve water in your home or support water accessibility around the world?
#4H2OPE #WorldWaterDay #Partner

What is tea without water?

World Water Day is only a few days away and I'm proud to partner with @NumiOrganicTea to talk about the importance of universal access to water. 💦 Numi's H²ope initiative works with farmers in developing countries from whom they source their tea and spices to create access to clean water and sewage facilities. The project has already provided turmeric farmers in Madagascar with twenty two wells, is working on the largest Fair Trade plantation in India, and plans to continue into Egypt, South Africa, and China in the next few years.

According to the U.N., over two billion people lack access to clean water in their homes, with some spending hoursss a day walking to and from the nearest clean water source. In Cape Town, South Africa, residents have been issued a seven gallon daily allowance due to the extreme drought that the country is facing. Seven gallons!

Join me back here for World Water Day on Thursday as I attempt to make it through the day using only seven gallons of water. I'm interested to see if it's remotely close to what I use on a daily basis with such a precious resource so readily available!

Numi has partnered with seven other brands that are using their businesses and influence to increase the availability of clean water around the globe. Swipe right to check them out. 👉🏼 #4H2OPE #Partner #WorldWaterDay

It's a rainy Tuesday and I hit my daily caffeine limit eeearly today. Sipping on @TeaForteOfficial's African Solstice herbal blend that arrived in the tea-themed January box from @RobbVices. My go-to caffeine-free tea is usually rooibos and this fruity rooibos blend is a dream. Paired with a favorite mug and this elegant platinum infuser, the rainy afternoon isn't nearly as dreary as expected. 😏💚
#teajournal #rooibos #teaforte #robbvices

The rainiest of weekends + cups of @AdagioTea's Apricot Black Tea. Growing up, apricot was one of the go-to flavors for family tea time and the familiarity makes for the perfect warming cuppa on such a dreary day. 🌧️☕🍑 #teajournal #adagioteas

Recently had the opportunity to talk with Harney and Sons about my favorite tea memories, beginner tea tips, and more. Check out the interview via my stories! 🌿 #teajournal #harneyandsons
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Commemorating #InternationalTeaDay with this #FlashbackFriday pic of a tea picker in Darjeeling, India. We wouldn't have our favorite teas without the hard work + expertise of these women and men which is why it's so important to purchase tea from companies that work with the farmers or plantations directly to make sure they are being paid a living wage with safe working conditions. Their quality of life is even more important than the quality of our tea. 🌿 Highlighting some of my favorite direct trade tea companies in my story! ⤴️⤴️⤴️

The snow has mostly melted but the chilly temps are still here, hopefully to stay through the holidays. The frozen weekend included multiple power outages, walks around the neighborhood, bundled up from head to toe, + cups of @RishiTea's Moroccan Mint Green. ❄️🌿 #teajournal #rishitea

Snow day in Atlanta! ❄️ It's pretty crazy to watch everything transform into a winter wonderland in just a few hours. It's not often that the South gets any snow at all let alone 5+ inches. 🙌 Keeping warm with all of the hot drinks today.

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