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How do you delete a Snapchat account? Whether you’re going on a social media diet or just want to take a break, know that deleting your account is an easy thing to do. If you want to learn how to deactivate Snapchat temporarily or perhaps, reactivate it again later, just head over to our site (link in bio) and follow the guide we have for you here!

Lightroom vs Photoshop – both photo-editing tools are important for both experienced photographers and new enthusiasts. While Photoshop is the more popular Adobe app, photographers turn to Lightroom for bulk editing. Learn more about the similarities and differences between the two editing tools on our site (link in bio). It's a good day to learn all about technology πŸ€–

"Hump day dreams of weekend getaways in the Trailblazer Z71 πŸ’­ What are your go-to road trip #Pandora stations? 🎡" || This is something we're really interested in, as well. More importantly, what's your favorite free music streaming app? Let us know in the comments section below, or tag us with #TeachTechToMe πŸ€– || πŸ“·: @robinaholden

A robotic pinky finger? Why not! Talk about futuristic pinky promises, and a whole lot more productivity. Follow @teachtechtome for your go-to supply of tech news, tech reviews and device tips! || πŸ“·: @barbarian_rise

"Apple products always have a professional look to them!" || True or fale? #Android or #iOS? Let us know by tagging us with #TeachTechToMe πŸ€– || πŸ“·: @razertech

We love that you can take technology anywhere you go. What's your go-to work app when you're on the go? Let us know in the comments section below, or tag us with #TeachTechToMe to get featured πŸ€– || πŸ“·: @coffeeincodeout

"Had a fun day filming with @drive615. Got to drive my first Tesla πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ autonomous driving is the future!" || Wow, nothing like an automatic & electric car to really take you places! For technology-related features, tag us with #TeachTechToMe. πŸ€– || πŸ“·: @tglmotovlogs

We love this #Apple spread. πŸ‘Œ But, seriously, are you #TeamAndroid or #TeamApple? Let us know in the comments section below πŸ€– || πŸ“Έ: @twelvesouth

Will the new Amazon phone do better than the company’s previously released Fire Phone? Latest reports suggest that the new device, the Ice Phone, will target a more massive target market by making it more affordable. Read more about it on our site (link in bio). It's a good day to learn about technology πŸ€–

It's a real-life arcade, and we want one just like it. Awesome vintage-meets-modern set-up! Hope it works like a charm πŸ€– Tag us with #TeachTechToMe for features! || πŸ“·: @daily.tech.humor

This might just be the future of our favorite landmarks world-wide. Hi-tech Eiffel tower, anyone? Thanks for sharing this, techie! Do tag us with #TeachTechToMe so we can feature more of your amazing stuff πŸ€– || πŸ“·: @noahsstuff

Now, this is going to make all those die-hard techies cry buckets! Can you guess how many computers had to rest in peace so this house can stand? πŸ€”πŸ˜Ή || πŸ“·: @daily.tech.humor

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