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#thedailyfoxaug17 - Aug 22 - today's to-do list. I started all the school tasks, but didn't quite finish. So those will get moved to tomorrow. And for the second day in a row, I just could not bring myself to go to the grocery store. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow?

#thedailyfoxaug17 - August 21 - Mayhem Monday. I worked a 10.5 hour day yesterday, so I was lucky to get this shot (and of course I never found time to post it, lol). Here's my desk at school with my Rowena rings and Iris personal planner, plus Starbursts to help me get through the day!

So I made this purple layout for the coming week (hello wine washi, you are perfect for the week I officially go back to school) and decided that Poppy just was not going to cut it any longer. Enter my #4 Iris and this bow that took 3 feet of ribbon, 14 glue sticks, 5 burned fingers, and 2 hours to make. (Okay, maybe I exaggerate a *little* - but not much. All the respect for the bow-makers out there!) All I had to do to finish it off was restrap my notebook with teal elastic. I'm loving this deeper color scheme! 💚💜

Today's #thedailyfoxaug17 prompt is Foxy Flip-through. I'm still using and loving my single #4 Foxys, and still keeping them basic with just three inserts - a monthly, a weekly, and a challenge insert (I ran out of steam on the lettering challenge and am putting Harry Potter quotes here now to win house points for the HP planner group I'm in). I still HATE the papers and dashboards, lol, and am greatly looking forward to my first Planner sub box to come in so I can have things that coordinate for next month!!!
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#thedailyfox - August 19 - Green. I adore my Moonlit wallet, especially with the Sage floral wallet insert! It's such a muted, soothing color. Very sophisticated (something I myself am not, lol). How do you incorporate green in your Foxy?
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Well, my classroom is as set up as it can get! It feels like my space now, and that's comforting. 😀 Here's what you're looking at:

1️⃣ Front wall
2️⃣ My command center - this is where I keep supplies that need to be handed out frequently, and the trays on top will hold papers that need to be handed back to each class. Above it on the board are a file holder where I keep seating charts, date circles, and the ringer for the chimes on the wall. I use those to get their attention back to me when they've been having group discussions.
3️⃣ Left side of the board - current unit vocab and the fraction/decimal poster that will stay up all year.
4️⃣ Left of the poster - decorative items and textbooks. The cups at the top will hold sticks with all the kids' names on them by period. Sometimes I take volunteers for things, and sometimes I pick sticks. (I need to make labels for periods 1 and 4.)
5️⃣ My desk (complete with Honeydukes jar of Starbursts, natch). 6️⃣ Student command center. Need to sharpen your pencil, staple something, hole punch something? Need a bandaid or lotion or tissue or hand sanitizer? Need to see what yesterday's homework assignment was? Don't bother me, just go do it. Quietly and without disturbing your peers, of course. Lol.
7️⃣ Manipulatives and unit binders.
8️⃣ Calculators. I love these clear over-the-door shoe caddies for holding calculators - at the end of class, I can see at a glance if they're all back. If not, nobody leaves until the missing calculators are back in place.
9️⃣ The clock - our first unit is Real Numbers, including perfect squares and square roots. So I like to have our clock show its numbers jn another form for the first month. 🔟 And finally, the panels over my windows. Top is original - dirty, gray plastic. Bottom is now - painted over with chalkboard paint. My plan is to have the kids do (appropriate) graffiti up there. Anything goes, as long as it's positive and inclusive. 💜
So there you have it! I'm ready for my first day.

Midweek - I like the way this task list is shaping up. I like that I can add things and assign them to a day, but then move them to another day without having to rewrite them. I think I may continue this system for awhile. 💕

Since we're midway through the month, I thought I'd share how my August habit/goal tracker is coming along. It's no coincidence that the drop-off in sticking to my meal plans has coincided with getting ready to go back to school - I need to get back into work mode and out of summer mode. I absolutely love this printable tracker by @littleowlgraphic!!

Slowly but surely, I'm leaving the "get everything unpacked and put away" stage and entering the "make the room cute" stage. My new classroom has literally zero wall space, so I hung these amazing Growth Mindset posters from @tothesquareinch on the bulletin board behind my desk. I love how they look there, and I hope the kiddos like them, too! 💜

My planner setup for this week! I'm trying something different - with this week being the week that I'm setting up my classroom, there are LOTS of things I need to remember to do to get ready for school - and I don't want those things to get lost in my regular personal planning. So I'm separating the two for this week. We'll see how it goes!

I can't believe it's here - time to move into my classroom for the fall. How did it come so quickly??? I'm starting at a new school this year, so I had to pack and move EVERYTHING in June, ugh. The good news is that all this stuff is not longer in my living room, lol. I'll post again in a couple days when it's all put together!

My teacher planner for this school year is finally done! Well, as done as it can be before school starts, lol. It's entirely done in a Harry Potter theme, and I love it! The link to the flip-through video is in my profile. Hope you like it!

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