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Summer  I finally caved and opened a TPT store. Excited and terrified! 😫 Mom.Wife.Teacher.Plant Strong.Hawkeye. Floridian.Latte Addict.Lover of Life

These are our first family photos EVER! I love my boys! ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks to @nonaphotographyus for making it so hard to pick a favorite for the Christmas card!
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This will be a gift that keeps on giving! 🤣 Surprised my teaching partner with this life size #buddytheelf cutout today!
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My husband is famous!
His listing was featured on an Orlando real estate show today! By the way, that’s the video he took as part of the listing, not the show’s! Isn’t it gorgeous?! (One of a million reasons my guy is the BEST guy to have on your side in real estate. ❤️) Who wants to move in?! My Midwest people, I know you’re cold right now, come on down and try #floridalife 😜❄️🌴 #theBEST #proudwife #realtorwifelife #realestate #orlandorealestate #orlando #realtor #openhouse #openhousetomorrow

Daddy had an open house, so it was a mama and Lincoln day! He came with me and my #teacherbestie to support one of my students at a go kart race! It was so cool! #love #myboy #realtorwifelife #thisisfour #decemberinflorida #teacherskid

Such a cool day supporting one of our kiddos on the go cart track this morning! We got to watch this guy smoke the competition at over 50 miles per hour! Super proud of him!

Science is awesome! After teaching for so long (year 15!) it is always surprising and refreshing to see students react to the simple things! 3 states of matter in 3 balloons. First we passed the balloons around and described their physical properties, then we popped them and talked about how the matter inside reacted to the change in their container, leading into the properties of solids, liquids, and gases. We had some awesome discussions and expanded a lot on things they already knew. A perfect segue between the two lessons!
#latergram with parent permission to post!
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I am out today surprising my first #multiplicationmaster of the year! He earned his last multiplication ninja belt on the day before break so this has been on my to do list all week! I started the yard sign tradition last year after some #instagraminspiration using poster board and duct taped dowel rods. This year I was able to level up my game because I reached out to local politicians after the elections and asked if I could have their campaign signs. I put 2 coats of spray paint and used adhesive vinyl and my #silhouettecameo for the lettering, but still hand drew my ninja on poster board and glued him on.
I am feeling #allthestress about heading into work tomorrow after vacation, but this little project reminded me how much I miss my kiddos and love this crazy job. 😜
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This kid. 🙄🤣😜 #boymom #thisisfour

🤣 Sweaters and leggings and boots, oh my! ❄️ 🌴 ❄️ #winteriscoming #floridalife
Photo Cred to @wftv9

Sometimes one of the funny/weird/sentimental things you do as a #teachermama is working with your child on a project you’ve assigned or seen at school for a million years! Ha! Lincoln disguised his first turkey tonight! He chose the character and what he wanted-the shield, the sword, the mask... I drew them, and cut them out of need be, and he did all the coloring. We had a blast! He is SO PROUD. I thought for sure this would be a Darth Vader Turkey, but the kid in charge came up with Captain America at the last minute!
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Third Annual Pirate Games is a wrap! I think it was one of the best ever! 4 team challenges meet standards in reading, math, social studies, and science: Message in a Bottle, Cannonball Battle, Treasure Map, and A Seaworthy Ship Challenge!
And can I just shout out to my teaching partner, obviously, who is amazing and down for any crazy thing, but also the best husband ever, who knows that when I say I’m working late but I’ll be home in time for dinner, that he and the little guy are really on their own AND for taking the monitor this morning and keeping my sweet boy from waking me up so I could sleeeeeeeeeeeep. He knows I was running on empty-less than empty!-this week! (@starbucks mobile order down meant doing a whole pirate day DECAFFEINATED! 😵) Thanks babe, I LOVE YOU!
Pirate themed Reading comprehension cards (and links to where I found the FREE texts, the Treasure Map and direction clues using cardinal and intermediate directions, continents,and oceans, and a couple versions of the Cannonball Battle recording sheets available in my #teacherspayteachers store :) ) (Full disclosure? This is the picture from 2 years ago.. all my pics this year had adorable, excited faces in them! And I don’t have the patience to edit them all out. Maybe later! Ha!)
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