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HETALIA ❤️  This is a Hetalia fanpage!! England, Russia, Prussia, Canada(both), and America are who I RP as! follow @_aphsweden please :3

Why does this exist

It's been raining for two straight weeks here. What the hell? This is Colorado, not Oregon. Go to California where you're actually needed you stupid rain.

I finally finished school today! No longer a freshman 😈

I just posted the same picture twice in a row -_-. For a supposedly smart person I do a lot of dumbass things

Only one final left before I'm free!

I got to leave school at 10:30 today 😁

I don't want to get out of bed ;-;

I would like some nice comments to wake up to, if no one minds using a little of their time. I need strength for finals week

This is the only thing getting me to study for finals

How do I have 1300 followers I'm such a noob weeb

Here's some USUK for ya

So I have a tumblr

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